Taxes in Tunisia and bank accounts

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A few questions. I am a Brit currently living in Tunisia for almost 6 months, this means that I will soon count as a tax-resident here. I am contemplating getting residency here so that I can open a bank account here and declare to the British government that I no longer owe them anything from my earnings.

I understand that Tunisia has many double-taxation agreements but I am also aware that a large percentage, I would even say majority, of people, conduct both formal and informal business and do not pay taxes.

If I have a business that generates income (let's say a client pays a couple of thousand dollars per month, fixed rate agreement) from abroad that gets wired to a USD account in Tunisia, does Tunisia either report these transactions to my government or will I get a visit from a tax-man in Tunisia?

Can I be a non-citizen resident of Tunisia, without a Tunisia-sourced income/job and have a USD/EUR bank account into/from which I can wire money in and out of Tunisia? Can I also have a debit card that I can then use at restaurants/stores to pay for my living expenses in Tunisian dinars, converted at moment/point of sale?

I am not asking for help with reducing/avoiding/evading taxes in Tunisia on projects running in Tunisia, I am curious as to how and to whom Tunisians who have income coming in from abroad pay taxes to (if they do), how much they are and the experiences of anyone doing what it is that i am trying to do.



Consider a slow approach which is what I did coming from the U.S.

I first opened a foreign currency account in USD$ at BIAT before residency. I was then able to draw converted cash from an ATM at a good exchange rate and no ATM fees. Note however that this ATM card CANNOT be used for purchases in Tunisia because it is considered a foreign account. This was not a problem as I simply purchased things with cash. Also, most merchants do not accept credit/debit cards anyway.

I next opened a Borderless Account with TransferWise and chose USD$. I believe they offer 5 currencies and GBP is one. When I need funds in Tunisia, I simply transfer from them to BIAT and the fee is low. However, you will pay for a separate SWIFT transfer fee because Tunisia has a closed currency system.

Obtaining a true Tunisian currency account is only possible after you obtain a Carte de Jour which is a 1 year renewable residency. One of the residency requirements is that you must have some form of Tunisian bank account, even if with foreign currency, before your application can be submitted.

I'm not yet versed in the taxation issues, but that is my next issue.

Please contact me via email if you have further questions. [email protected]

Thanks and good luck!

Hello Gary, thank you for your detailed response!

I live in Gammart. My WhatsApp is ***. Perhaps we could chat there?

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I don't use WhatsApp as my account was hacked, but will call your cell tomorrow.

Thanks, Gary


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