british State Pension

Can you can the State Pension from England paid into a Tunisian Bank Account?

My knowledge on this is very limited but the bank account is only part of your concern.
There was some issue about cutting pensions by a given percentage if the English expat lives outside the UK.

I'm quite interested in this subject so I'll watch the thread in hope of good answers.

Yes, I was paid for a service I provided  to company from the US.
But I found the amount in TND.
To receive the amount in foreign currency, it is also feasible but you need to be eligible for some conditions and work on some procedure to get an account in currency at a Tunisian bank. Actually it was harder than this but it is getting easier these days.

thankyou the information was really helpful

If you open a foreign currency account then you can transfer money from abroad into it.  However, it will be exchanged into TND, can withdraw what you have deposited at anytime in foreign currency and take out of the country.  You should have documents from the bank to provide at departure point if you take in cash (EU, US or BPS).  I have a pension paid into my Australian bank account and every once in a while I will transfer this by OFX - I get a competitive rate of exchange (which I would not with my bank), minimal transfer fees (which I would not have with my bank).  The only downside is that whichever currency you transfer will be exchanged on receipt for the rate of that day.

It is extremely easy as a foreigner to have an account here.  You should provide your CDS (which is easy to obtain), passport etc.  I have had an a/c with UBCI for years and it's easy!