How to save money in Tunisia

Hello everyone,

Did you plan your budget before your move to Tunisia? If so, how did you go about it?

How do you save money in your day to day life? Do you find there are any areas where you can't cut costs?

Do you have any tips about saving money in Tunisia? For example, getting the best deals on accommodation, grocery shopping and dining out, the best value transportation, etc..

Are there any apps or websites that have helped you to save money?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


tip : learn how to speak tunisian arabic or hire a tunisian person to do the talking

me : *calls*
me : hello i saw that flat for 350 dinars a month for rent..
landlord : *notices my accent* oh its for 1200
>friend calls after
landlord : oh its for 350

basically, if youre a foreigner they think youre stuffed with money so get a local you trust

My husband is Tunisian and I let him handle any purchases.
The exchange rate is excellent and we try to use his salary and keep my monthly deposits in savings.