How can I send money to my Russian MasterCard from Tunisia?

Well I have a Russian MasterCard and I'm a Tunisian normal citizen, I want to put some money in my Russian account but  I don't know how or if I can + I have a bank account here in Tunisia if that helps.

There is no way to send money out of Tunisia for a citizen, unless you have a business that deals in foreign currency and you have a foreign currency account.  There are some ways to get money out but these rely on you going for a vacation or having someone take foreign currency out for you.  If you know someone who has ofx acc. then they can pay into your MC and you give them equivalent in tnd.

Hi and thank you, yes I have foreign account in russia and a forign mastercard but I don't know how  to put money in it.

Didn't you recommend yourself as a business pro to Barbara, the Italian?

Any 15 year old street kid knows about the black market currency exchange. I'm a foreigner and I do.

Yes I know about the black market but i don't have any dollars i only have a russian account witch i have in it some dollars that i want to get it out and use it bcz here in tunisia it's iligal to have a foreigner card or an internationnal electronic card if you are a normal citizen so i'm looking for a way to get these money out or to transfer it to my bank account.

Fehmi, as a Russian living in Tunisia, I know very well about the laws of both Tunisia and Russia.

The location of your bank account is irrelevant, what is relevant is the currency in which that account is denominated. That is to say, if you have a USD bank account in Russia, then you need someone outside of Tunisia to whom you can give TND in Tunisia, and after he or she takes a comission for him or herself, they can wire money (in Euro, USD or RUB) to your Russian bank account.

You've already "commited a crime" (although no-one cares) by opening a bank account (only if you were resident in Tunisia when you opened an account for youself in Russia: if you were living there, no crime has been commited). You can use that debit card (as does just about every foreigner that I know) in Tunisia, and after the Russian bank and Tunisian ATM have taken their comission(s), you will get the amount you requested, given to you in TND.

If you opened the account while legally resident outside of Tunisia (you can be a resident of Algeria or Morocco and have a bank account in Russia, addressed to your DZ/MA address - what is important is that you do not use your Tunisian address on the bank account), you can wire the money to your TND bank account and the bank will convert the money into TND. There are large international wiring fees, so it would be cheaper for you to withdraw this money in cash from an ATM in Tunisia. It will save your money sitting in the BCdT for months while the paperwork explaining where this money came from is processed.