Sending money to Tunisia from Pakistan


Greetings of the day

I have moved to Tunisia from Pakistan

i am unable to send money from Tunisia to Pakistan , western union and MoneyGram don't send they just receive.

please tell any other fast way to send money


Hi, you can send money from your WU app.

If you send money from a debit card or bank account, it should be ok.

If you send cash that may be a problem.


Good morning, you can send money from your Western Union app

Welcome to finding out that tunisia is a closed economy and that you can't freely send money out of the country.

The first way is if you have a multi-currency account at a tunisian bank you can send money from the bank in a international wire transfer.

If you don't have this you can try MoneyGram or western union. And if they don't want to accept you then your last and final option is digital currency.