Internship in Malta

Hello everyone,

My name is Paul PIDDAT, I am a 20yo student in International Trade. To graduate I have to do an internship in canvassing the market in an B to B (business to business) company for 2 months.

I really want to do it in Malta because it have to be in Europe and it is for me the place to do it in Europe
My internship is for free and lasting for 2 months starting in May, I would like to know if you had any advices or tips to find some companies that could be interested about interns.

Thx for reading me and wish you a nice day

Hi Paul,
Our non-governmental organisation (MOVE) would be very happy to have a look at your CV and learn more about your motivations regarding the 2-month internship you would like to do here in Malta.
I will send you a private message with our contact details to get in touch with us if you are still looking for a place where to do your internship.

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