residence visa for child

hi all,
just want to ask if someone had the same experience as mine. I am working in government company and my husband is in private company. I applied for relative joining visa for my child as advised by my company's PRO. However, it turned out not successful as according to him my husband should apply for it and not me. Now, I am so anxious as i dont want to send my child back to my country and both my husband and i here in Oman. My hisband's company cannot process my child visa as he is earning less than 600OMR. Can anyone advise me what to do or any visa applicable for my child to stay with me. Thanks ahead!!

It's been a fair number of years since I was last working in Oman and I know from experience, that getting any work related or dependant related visa can be and is problematical, as the requirements do change, especially & particularity where we were looking to employ an ex-pat unmarried woman.

Looking at what you said, the advice you were given appears to be sound but I believe the application  with regards to your son, needs to be made by his father.

I'd suggest he either speaks to his company PRO or you seek advice from your local Embassy, as to how best proceed?

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