Any help re move to Switzerland

Hi, my family and I are looking to relocate in April 09. My husband has secured a position working at a pharmaeutical company, we have two daughters aged 6 and 4. The plan is to live in Hegenheim (France) and commute as we are told this is more cost effective. One of my concerns is the cost of living as I work in Health in the UK and do no speak French or German I would be probably unlikely to secure a position so basically we will be living off my husbands salary which equates to 107,000chf may sound a strange question but not knowing much about the cost of living would we still be able to have a reasonable standard of living on one salary? taking the taxes and other things into consideration, we would be looking to be renting ? 1400 Eurosrent per month, the girls would be going to a local school in hegenheim so we have no fees there, can anyone set my mind at ease as I panick we will give up jobs in UK and not have a decent standard of living. It would be great to hear of anyone who has had experience of settling kids into school - the language barrier etc as that is another concern for us, or anyone who has experience of the school in Hegenheim.
Any advice greatly received.

Hello Sinead!
I know your message is from a long time ago and that's why I'm asking.
I'm just in the same situation and I wonder if you could help me aswering your own post by your own experience those years. I'll really appreciate.

Hi geims82,
Since Sinead has not been back in over 6 years I doubt if he will be back to answer you.

Regarding cost of living:
For many expatriates CHF 107,000 is a high salary, even for Switzerland. But that depends on one's standard of living. I existed on much less but that was many years ago (I'm retired now).

Rent: €1400 on a salary of CHF 107,000? Looks like their intention was to save just about every last penny.  :rolleyes:

Regarding schooling:
To avoid the language barrier, now and in future, many expatriates send their children to the International School here in Basel with lessons in English. In my opinion, only if one intended to stay here many, many years would it be acceptable having the children taught in a foreign language. Some people do that though, but don't be surprised if they find themselves in a special class for non-French speakers where most of the class are from the third-world with each speaking their own foreign language.

Hi El_Jost,
Thanks for your words. Actually we are spanish and my daughter is only three years old. So what I thought at the beginning was to get her in a french school... but after hearing what you have said about non-French speaker classes,... I don't know...but in fact, it will be the same problem. She doesn't speak english either. :unsure
We really have to think about it to find the best option.

Hi geims82,
This EB site also has Spanish forums so you could ask your question there in Spanish and see if there are any Spanish-speaking expatriates in Switzerland who could help you with advise.
I do know that the Basel Region has many Spanish speakers with children here who have very successfully integrated into the community. I am not certain of numbers but I assume that there are more Spanish speakers than English speakers in the region.
Hope things work out well for you.
Best Elwin