Relocation to Zug from Uruguay!! Please help :)

Hi everyone,

I am cosidering the possibility to relocate to Switzerland, (job in Zug) and need some help understanding the cost of living and whether my salary will be enough to support me and my husband until he finds a job there.

I work in Finance (Bach. in Economics) and have been offered around 110K CHF annual by my current employers, which comes up to 7.5K net monthly salary.

Is this enough to rent a place and have a decent living with my husband (and a dog) until he finds a job? BTW he is an IT Project Manager and has more than 10 years experience in the market, will it be too complicated for him to find an ok position in either Zurich or Zug? We both speak English, no German yet and are in our early 30's.

I appreciate all comments or tips, we need them to make an informed decision!

Thanks!!!  :)

If that is a net income then you and your husband can certainly afford a small apartment and live in Switzerland. Of course the cost of living in Switzerland is high, so what life style you have will depend on how you spend your money. The Migros or Coop are the less expensive place to shop, for example. But if my wife or I went out to dine, it was not uncommon to drop 100 CHF or more for a dinner at a good restaurant.

As for language and jobs, most IT jobs do often require fluent German as at least one language in German speaking regions like Zurich (and often Swiss German) as the team or client will often discuss in this language. But that should not dissuade you to look around. Skills and experience may offset language limitations. Can't hurt to ask. And since Switzerland is a very business friendly country your husband can also start a business and sell consulting services (this is what I did -- I know some German, but not enough Swiss German to bother with being an employee when I lived in Switzerland). If your Husband speaks French, then also consider job in Western Switzerland. Zug is a bit out of the way, but Swiss rail is a very convenient way to travel.

Learn Hochdeutsch as soon as possible.  Or at least Schweizerdeutsch.  You can get by without any Deutsch but in a world of increasing competition why limit yourself.  There is little benefit to not speaking the language of those around you.

Hi everyone! I´ve been offered CH5863 net to relocate to Zug. I´d go there by myself. Should I accept?