Need some Imp information!!!


I am being offered a job in Switzerland (Zurich) by employer in India. I am in IT professional and the salary offered is 55K CHF+Employee Benefit per Year Now before making the final decision, I would like to know few things. Initially
I will be living alone and then joined by my wife after few months.

Right now i am in Singapore and getting 4.5K SGD p/m

1) Is my salary on par with others in IT industry considering I have 6 years of experience. How much are the taxes in Switzerland?

2) what is the average rent for a furnished 1BHK house in Zurich.

3) How much does the insurance cost for an individual?

4) How much are the other expenses like food, other household stuff.

5) What is the traveling cost for month.

Please consider living as a normal and not a lavish one.

It would be great if you guys can guide be so that I can make a good decision.

You can reply to message or can mail me at

I will be thankful for your valuable that i can decide that should i leave Singapore or stay in Singapore.


I can't judge whether 4.5 kSGD per month is good or bad in Singapore, hence I can't tell whether you would likely be better or worse off moving to Switzerland but I can tell you that 55 kCHF basic gross per year is very very low by industry standards. It is less than what a student would earn as an investment banking intern at one of the two large banks. 4'583 kCHF per month is approx. on par with a secretary's salary (not a joke --- you can find enough evidence in other postings on this forum).

I don't know, though, what is meant by "+Employee Benefits" and how much that amounts to. If that means free housing, free car, free health insurance, it's a good buffer; if it's just a tiny amount, then the package seems a bit low to me.


Thanks lot for valuable information.