Cost of living is very high, especially for tourists

I had been to Switzerland for three weeks, and the cost of living, I experienced, is very high. As my brother is currently staying there, basic food and accommodation wasnt much of a problem, but other things were a problem.
1. Food outside can cost approx 12 to 20 CHF per meal (full).
2. Public Transportation is also very expensive, and I was surprised by this, since I feel that if it is so expensive, then why not people use their own cars. The only plus point that I found out was that trains are really fast, warm (outside it is cold; to some extent, atleast), punctual, frequent (depending on place of travel), and you always get a seat (unlike in India, where getting a seat is rare).
3. Groceries are comparatively expensive, but in Coops and Migros, they are cheaper.

Overall, I liked the country, and plan to visit more often in future, maybe 15 days a year. But I may not be lucky every time as far as basic food and accommodation is concerned. My expenses were approx 1000 chf for 15 days exclusive of food/accommodation.

My question is, if I carry 2000 CHF for 15 days, would it be sufficient to survive in Switzerland for that period, (if I have to pay for my own decent food and accommodation).

I'm planning on a trip to Switzerland, Bernese Oberland region.
I'm keen on visiting the Jungfraujoch mountains for hiking in May 2012. I will be spending only 3 days in Switzerland and I'll be on my way to Paris.
Would you be able to help me with information regards to stay, food and local travel like places to live and eatery expenses in the Bernese Oberland region?
I'm not good with German, will that be any issue?
Are there any bike rentals for cheap in this region?

Your help will be greatly appreciated !!!