Live in Switzerland

Hi, I'm a South African and would like to live and work in Switzerland.  What is the requirements to obtain a visa?

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Maybe you could tell more about the purpose of your move.
Work, study etc ...?
Your question is a bit vague.


I would like to work in Switzerland. Is it expensive to study in Switzerland?

Hi sanlam!

You want to know about the cost of living!

Well follow this link --->

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Thank you for your reply Harmonie.  I have been to Switzerland in 2007, but would like to know what you a South African do to be able to work in Switzerland.  Can I obtain a work permit. Or if I can obtain a student visa, if so , approximatlely how much is the costs to study.

Work permit: if you want to work in Switzerland and you neither hold a Swiss passport nor one of the EU countries,
- an employer can only hire you if he can prove that he cannot get anyone for the job from Switzerland or from the EU
- Even if the employer can prove that, the number of work permits is limited to a maximum number per calender year.

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Thank you so much Twan.  Your feedback is appreciated.