Is it a good salary 135K gross CHF to live in Zurich?


I have a question about. Is it a good salary 135K gross CHF to live in Zurich, for one single person without child?

Please help me! Only who really knows the cost of living in Zurich.

Thank you!
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Well... Switzerland scares me, it's really expensive! :-)

But even here, I'd guess the average is around 70k CHF, so you'd be well above average (and over 3X the official minimum wage). So, actually, 11k CHF per month, gross, for a single person sounds pretty good.

You can use Numbeo or similar to look at costs in  Zurich and compare with other locations, and make an estimate of your potential costs. Of course, YMMV as they say, as it depends a lot on where you are on the spectrum from frugal + rice cakes + walk to work to luxury + eat out every day + commute in the Porsche.

Tax and various contributions are quite high too, your net per month would be around 8k.

Ballpark... 2k ish living expenses... 2k ish apartment rental.

With plenty left over. Hooray! You're gonna be rich! :-)

Unless you wanna buy an apartment in Zurich instead of rent... in which case... Boo! That's your surplus tied up for the next 30-odd years. :-)

@serafomagnaldo for which position is this gross salary? Also, how old are you and what type of degree do you have?

I would say it's not that bad for a start. But it depends if you're a junior or a senior profile.

Also, are you a frugal person, or more used to go to restaurants several times a week?

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