How much money would we need monthly to have a decent life ?

Hi all, I am about to take an offer for a position in Winterthur.  After I settle down I plan to bring my wife and our baby over. Could you tell me about living costs there? For start I will be the sole earner for the family, how much money would we need monthly to have a decent life ( nothing too fancy) and save some on side?

Thanks in Advance

you need as you take monthly about 2500 CHF to live and to save some money but if you have Residence permit in switzerland you can receive helps from scial workers

- Health insurance: minimum of 200 for each family member with 2500chf allowance. If you have a baby, consider raising the price to 350-400 and lower the allowance for him.
- 2 room apartment: from 1500 francs/month up
- Internet+TV: 70/100 chf + annual TV tax of 500
- Average of 500chf for food an beverages for each person (if you don't eat much and don't love meat). Maybe more for your baby as baby products cost way more.
- Clothes, well up to you.

You make the calculations.


Regarding your question I know this webstie that allows you to compare the expenses between two cities.

Hope it is helpful!