New to Switzerland

Hello there,

I'm also new to Switzerland or will be in the future.
I found a job which offered me:
95k chf + 10% at the end of the year (that would mean 95.000 + 9.500 = 104.500 chf) + 150 chf/month for fringe benefits which I already accepted.
Let me shoot some questions now:
1. Can someone explain to me what those fringe benefits are ?
2. Also, is the salary ok considering the Fribourg area ?

As I'm specialized as an IT guy (mostly Sys&Net Admin - Cisco, Linux, Unix) I saw that the salary ranges here are between 95 - 120k chf.

3. Would I be able to dream of having a car ? :)

Thanks in advance;)

Hello skyraven :) Welcome on ;)

I have introduced your message in a new thread (in Switzerland forum) for more visibility! I hope that you will get some responses soon in regards to your above query!


Let's hope some answers will find me :)

1. Fringe benefits: Could be anything, depends on how your company defines these benefits. Generally speaking, 150 CHF could be regarded as a subsidy for a monthly public transport pass. In Switzerland it is quite common to commute by bus/tram/train.

2. I don't know, I'm not in the IT industry.

3. Definitely! Cars are expensive but your salary is good and will rise. If you don't party every weekend, a car is certainly within reach.

Hi - I will be in Switzerland from the end of the Month.. what is there to do on Montreux and is it easy for me to set up internet, mobile contract and travel around?

I have been to MOntreux once and dont now the area very well... how far am i from Lausanne?


What can you do in Montreux? I don't know, hope someone can help :)

Inet and mobile contract are easy to set up. If you have a residence address already, you can even do it online. The two leading network providers are Cablecom and Swisscom.

Travelling around by train in Switzerland is very simple and convenient. Their rail network is just amazing. So many former UK residents who have relocated are craving about the Swiss train system (and the whole public transport service for that matter). The fastest direct train from Montreux to Lausanne takes just 21min. Visit the website of the Swiss Federal Railways for further information:  Cross-city travel is usually done by train, very rarely by bus and even less by plane since this country is so small. For some newcomers to Switzerland who are used to travel by plane, bus, or ship across cities in their home country, this is a bit of a surprise.

Hi Ling,

If you have more questions, i would suggest you to start a new topic on the Switzerland forum. Thank you


Thank you very much for your contribution Dragonbay! :)


Hi skyraven,

I wish you good luck in your new adventure. :)

Hi - Thank you for you advice guys! I am really looking forward to my relocation.


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