You still don't understand.

1) Old TB scars i.e. evidence of past TB (not current) is enough to mark you as UNFIT

2) Scars don't disappear

You have to go back.

Hello sir/ madam

I have been in Bahrain for the past three years with medical unfit, I have no criminal record and no case from my sponsor but my visa is invalid. Now I have paid my ticket and I want to live bahrain back to my country, is there any charge am  pay or what are the difficulties I will face with the immigration at the airport when living?

You will have to go to NPRA and pay the fines that are levied on you before you are allowed to leave.

@albahraini same situation with me. anyone could help us.. thanks

@XTang  for example if an expat is unfit to work and blocked in ministry of health of course cannot get a working visa but what if that expat will be married to bahraini citizen or a bahraini citizen will marry the expat, is it possible to unblock the unfit issue from ministry of health and can be issue a visa? thank you in advance for answering. god bless

@EcrA26 where to take test for blood? what if xray have changes but other tests like afb smear and mantoux skin test is negative, is it possible that it will be fit the unfit medical issue? im planning to do a bloodtest or ct scan test to see either negative or positive for tb. thanks for answering in advance

@XTang sir what if mantoux skin test is negative and afb smear test but xray have changes . what to do to make unfit to fit the medical? thanks

1) With an UNFIT, you will never get a work visa

2) You can get a dependent visa but the process to be followed for that may require you to approach MOH to remove block.  The process keeps changing and you are going to have to ask them

3) X-ray is what is used to determine FIT or UNFIT.  The other tests are only to determine whether or not you have ACTIVE TB.   Because if you do, then it is quarantine before deportation.  That is the only difference

Hi everyone

was just going through the forum and came across this thread. 

I did my medical test here in Bahrain then it was submitted and I got my work permit.  my lmra assigned medical test will be done with in few days. 

My confusion is;  I was medically fit according to the report taken here in Bahrain. Is there a probability of being unfit in the medical test assigned by Lmra center???

Am totally confused and nervous now! Any opinions???

Hello sir my bilirubin level is little high that is 1.9. I was able to reduce it for 2 days period and get fit in GAMCA India but wat will happen when i go to kuwait ? Will they give me medicine there ?

@XTang sir i have my syphilis positive can i apply for free visa?

Unfortunately no

And there is no such thing as a free visa.  If someone is saying free visa, then it is illegal. 

Why not ask the question if it's urgent