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Hello everyone!!As I am in Mauritius only one year and still adapting,can someone be so kind to share with me and others some info where to find different types of classes(english,french,creole,gym,fitness,art...) on the North(Grand Baie,Pamplemousse) of country?If you have some info pls share fb page,instagram,web or any contact.Thanks a lot!!!

I've also been trying to figure this out! Having a tricky time finding useful resources.

There are free ebook for primary classes available on the MIE website

There are french english and kreol morisien for age 6 to 11.

It can be used as a starting point.

Kreol-0 level,French B1 level and english I need to If you know any place for tution share with ebook needed..I am learning french and creole by myself already .Thanks anyway

I have the same problem. Please share your sources, especially in respect to French teachers/ classes, dancing classes, singing teachers, piano lessons, horseback riding etc.

Labourdonnais is good for yoga classes. Flyer is at Le Corbelle.

Who wants to join an expat club, for example meeting every Wednesday or Thursday in a different bar? I am happy to organise the meetings if people actually show up.

Regards Oki

Hi oki, I would be happy to join a weekly get-together.

For french lessons, you could have a look at ‘alliance francaise’. I took some lessons with them when i lived in Paris a few years ago but I did not do anything with them in Mauritius. If I understood the (mauritian) website correctly they will be starting lessons in September (was not for me since I have a loooong holiday in october).

Let me know for the expat club :)

Moving Gym, Jumbo Riche Terre

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