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There are so many nice and beautiful islands or archipelagoes on this planet, and one of them is Mauritius and Rodrigues Islands. These two islands composed a country that is Republic of Mauritius. This country is cosmopolitan. You will see so different ethnics mix together and you will hear several languages being spoken in one place. May be quite confusing cause they will sound "kakophonic" into the ears, but they make you smile or sneer, so called. That was a mere description about the "phoniquetology" of the country. The people are friendly and hospitable.

In Mauritius, there are many interesting places to visit. In summer, despite that it is known being the unstable season due to the time-to-time visits of cyclonic weather, you still can do surfing, camping and even do some adventurous activities.

To surf, the "Tamarin" waves by the Tamarin Bay are quite spectacular, and there is Le Morne, on the southern part of the island, also Maconde. To know more about surfing spots in this Island a website which is www.wannasurf.com.

To have extreme adventures, you can pay a visit an adventuring park called Parc d'Aventure in Chamarel region. There you can go cycling around and see "The Seven Coloured Earth Park" and take your picture standing among the colourful soil/earth. Or go trekking, climbing and crossing over passages on ropes or swinging rope bridges. You can do rock climbing, too, in a place not far from the Albion Village. There is also a small "safari-like" park where you will take a good walk with lions, side by side.

To camp for the weekend nights, the most visited spots by the campers, either Mont Choisy Beach or Le Morne Beach. You can light bonfire and have barbecue parties while camping.

In the autumn of the southern hemisphere which starts in April, you will find that the horse racing season starts. Jockeys from many countries will race their horse on the racing alley of Champs de Mars of Port Louis, the capital city of the Republic of Mauritius and it normally ends by early December and the season is closed by horse-racing exhibition, exhibited by invited professional jockeys of the world in an International Jockeys' Day.

Now, it is Rodrigues Island, a Mauritius dependency island, located at about north-east of Mauritius. Smaller but more natural island than Mauritius. On this island you may do trekking around the island or cycling and you may find many interesting things. In the evening you will have party and dance on the beach around a bonfire, to make your stay in this island memorable. Diving in the sea around the island is very recommended for the beauty of the underwater garden. An island a bit mysterious that is worth visiting. Better description of this island you will find from mauritiusattractions.com.

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