Swimming Lessons/Instructor


I'm looking to find a swimming instructor who could facilitate private intensive swimming lessons at Flic en Flac beach asap.

Otherwise any recommendation for adult swimming lessons in same area is also welcome.

Thank you

You can check out 'Sparc' sports complex situated at Cascavelle, 5 mins drive from Flic en Flac.
They offer swimming classes.

Hi Winston,
Thank you for your reply. I’ve come across Sparc already but not happy with their very inflated price for private lessons. I mean I’m beyond shocked at what they are charging. The amount is equivalent to a gym membership per month in the UK.
I’m more than happy to pay for what someone values their per rate as long as it sounds reasonable. I hope to find an instructor still.

If not Sparc, then there is Riverland Sports Club at Tamarin. Not sure if they provide swimming lessons, but you can check with them.

Hi Prisla

I am coming over to Mauritius to do swimming teaching, but only later this year. I will be in the Grand Baie area though...

We can talk again next season when I am there if you have not come right anywhere else.


Hi Prisla,
Did you get much joy with your search for a swimming instructor? If you managed to get an instructor would you mind sharing their contact details please. I too am looking for a swimming instructor in Flic En Flac but I’d like to use the swimming pool at the apartment I have rented.
Thank you.

Hi.have a private instructor for you.inbox me asap.

Thanks. Can you please send me contact details.

Hi, is it possible to have the contact details of the swimming instructor in flic en flac, please.
Many Thanks.

Try island swim school on Facebook it’s close to flic en flac in an indoor pool

Many Thanks.

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