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hello there, I just wanted to know, if I can use my UK  shotgun LICENCE to purchase a hunting shotgun in Mauritius? your advice will be much appreciated, thanks  :)


Don't think so.

All guns and firearm licences in Mauritius are registered under local laws and regulated by the Office of the Commissioner of Police.

You will have to apply for a gun permit from the police here. Then again even with a permit, not all types of guns are allowed.


To apply for a firearm license, the application can be made at the firearm index at the central police office HQ (caserne) in Port Louis. It is only possible for Mauritian citizen! it takes 5 to 8 months for the background check. Only 2 firearms per applicant.
the house have to be equipped with 2 safes, one for the rifle, one for the ammo.
traditional Hunting shotguns are allowed, same with pump riot-guns or semi auto shotguns, bolt or semi auto rifles of any usual calibers also OK, .223, .270, .308, 30-06 as long as the rifle does not look like an assault rifle...Permit are not granted for rifles in cal .22 anymore because it cannot really be used for hunting and there was abuse related to this caliber. for handguns only cal .22 is allowed nowadays, but only for business owners with a solid case. Ammo is limited to 100 rnds per year. To note is that air guns are also subjected to the firearm permit and restrictions, same with soft air, blank firers, paint ball, etc

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yes, this is how it is in Mauritius, there are only 2 stores selling hunting gears and rifles, Escape in Pailles ( well stocked with fishing gear too) and GDV, that recently moved to Bel Village in Port Louis. You cannot import or find crossbows in Mauritius, but these stores sell very nice handy compound bows and arrows ( no razor sharp arrows, only the target type).
Pls note that firearms are not on display in the stores, they are in a vault, only accessible for Mauritian buyers who need to reserve a firearm before applying for the permit, because the serial Nr is needed on the application.
Firearms available nowadays are high end bolt hunting hunting rifles, Merkel, Blaser, Sako, etc, cheaper models like Remington, few brands of shotgun, Remington & Winchester pump gun and cheaper turkish 12 gauge shotguns and pump guns, not a very large selection and both have approx a dozen available for sale.
Bow hunting is now practiced in Mauritius, not sure if you need a license to buy a bow for sports, I don't think so because tourists can practice with a bow in most hotels around the island. I know that you need a hunting license to buy or import the sharp hunting arrows.
the law about self defense is quite clear in Mauritius and they make a clear distinction between the use of appropriate force and the use of violence, the  force used for self defense must be in scale with the attack, if you shoot dead an intruder holding a knife you will go to jail for manslaughter, if you shoot an armed intruder ( armed with a gun)  one time bellow the waist to stop him from hurting you, you will most probably get away with it depending on the circumstances, if it was at night or daytime,  if you can prove that there was no other way and that it was you or him, if you shoot him while he is escaping or more than once you will also go to jail as it will be interpreted as violence, same if you shoot him in the torso or head, the defense shot must be below the waist to hold in court.
In any case if you are involved in a violent episode in Mauritius you are in trouble, your passport will be seized, you will need to post bail to get out of jail and you will be stuck in Mauritius for years waiting for the case to go to court....basically the best is to avoid any type of confrontation and do everything possible to prevent intrusion using defensive measures such as strong physical barriers, good locks, alarm on fence or electric fence, CCTV and alarm system, bars at windows, and a couple of dogs. To be noted also is that any type of weapons including a truncheon or small knife found in a vehicle or on yourself in the street without good reason will send you to jail. CS sprays are also forbidden, tasers as well, blank guns and bb guns are strictly forbidden, even fishing spears are forbidden. I guess the best self defense tool you can have on you is a strong umbrella, or in your car, a shovel or other  garden tool, unless you are a karate expert!
Intrusions are not that common and usually they are not violent, street muggings are a daily occurrence in the capital city, so best not to walk around with expensive gear, apart of that the usual precautions are sufficient not to become a victim...Mauritius is still a relatively safe country.
I f you miss sport shooting when in Mauritius, get in touch with hunters or people who have a hunting license and a firearm but shoot for sports, there are quite many in the country, and all have access to safe places for practicing.

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I’m about to move with my children. For their safety and of all I sincerily hope NO-ONE is able to buy a gun or any weapon at all. It’s Mauritius, not Texas!
With some trust in humanity, we might make the world as it should be. Mauritius is like the synthesis of how people can peacefully live together. Take an example and blend in! <3


Mauritius is like any other countries, there are guns there, thousands owned legally, and probably as many owned illegally, any Mauritian citizen is allowed to apply for a firearm license. Foreigners on the contrary are not allowed to own firearms. But so far no major incidents have happened involving firearms in Mauritius apart of a couple of gang related killings in the past years, so it is quite safe....


a gun owner

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