Practicing motocross in Mauritius

As I move closer towards the move to Mauritius I am thinking about the things/lifestyle I will miss and what I can bring with me to carry on. I like to race motocross/supercross and will ship my bikes over.

I know many French people enjoy the sport at home and in re-union but I wonderd if anyone rides or if there are any tracks in Mauritius?

Would be great to see the sport come to Mauritius on some sort if level just like karting and quads have made an attempt.


I am in a similar situation to you. My son races a YZ 125 and I ride a gasgas 300. We come from South Africa and I am a Mauritian Citizen. When we were on the Island in December I saw some chaps on WR 250's riding out of Tamarin. I have been looking at a couple of restaurants/clubs on the island as well. Came across a beaut in Tamarin. If you keen to chat sean[at]


Sean Bradshaw

Hi Sean, great to see you and your son are fellow riders. I also have seen a few enduro riders around. Since my post Iv done some research and it seems there is nothing :(  the azuri resort has introduced of road buggies and there are a few karting and qaida facilities. For me though personally I am looking for a more serious and dedicated set up. I am playing with idea of setting up a facility myself with a rideable motocross track and tuition/ride classes.  I will have to look into the logistics of bringing over bikes and the taxes involved etc. There is a full blown championship in re-union so it can be done.

Hi Sean,

I do karting, motocross and road bike racing in Mauritius.

Gladwyn D'Espagnac

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Hello Together.
The International MX and Enduro School ,from Germany ,is from 10 December  in Mauritian .
We are Interestic to see your offroad place,and the off road riders.
You can help us to find the contakt to any riders.
Regards Jürgen

I know some riders here
Inbox me yr msg will reply with ctc details of the club

The MX School want to give the Motocross and Enduro Riders at Mauritius a Profesionell Training  in December for free.
With the X Worldchampionchip Rider Jürgen Küppers from Germany.

Hope we see us son.



Is there anybody in Mauritius that rides dirt bikes, if so who and where?



Hi. Anybody currently in Mauritius riding motocross?

Hi Jay,
We're moving to Mauritius soon and I'm thinking of importing my husky 310r.  I don't know how much trouble it will be - I only have import papers on the engine.  But if not, I'll be looking to pick something up while I'm there.  Keep me posted if anything develops and you want to go for a ride.

hey guys, there are a few riders here. Mostly enduro. There is a small motocross track just by the Jumbo phenix mall. let me know if you want to go ride one day, or if you want to meet riders or want to buy a bike. I'm no great rider, learning, but i like to ride offroad on the west coast around Tamarin/ flic en Flac/albion or in the south. cheers


and by the way if you're moving from SA (and haven't moved yet) let me know, I might be interested to bring a bike from there (0% duty on bikes less than 300cc)

Hi Alex (and Friends),
Thanks for the info.  I think you and I are in the same spot in terms of interest and experience.  PM if you know of any good used bikes.

About importing:  I'm trying to bring in my 150cc Vespa, and I just received a call this morning saying that the Ministry of Commerce just changed the import rule and does not allow any bikes older than a year.  Would you know anything about this?  My scooter is already here, and it seems really unfair that the law changes while it is in transit.  Any advice on how to overcome this?


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never heard about that. The MRA are the one to contact for that matter, on 202 05 00 / 01. Ill be happy to know what they say. I believe there is no duty up to 250 or 300cc.

Yes, the law changed in July, apparently.  I still haven't had the scooter released.  I'll probably have to appeal directly to the Minister of Commerce, and the best solution I can hope for will still probably take another few months.  Very frustrating, but now you cannot import a bike or scooter that is more than a year old.


I have also just moved to Mauritius and am now a citizen and moved from south Africa and I race motocross but I want my son to carry out the sport he races huskavana 85 and would like to be able to practice on a track here in mauritius can u let me know if there are any tracks in Mauritius that I can practice or even start racing pleas get back to me asap

Thx Regards Joe

Good evening Guys so i have a question do somebody know how i can import my bike from Romania to mauritius? I have a dirt bike 250cc Offroad* any suggestion?

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