Shipping Pick-up to Mauritius

Hello all,

I am planning to move permanently to Mauritius in the a few months and would like to bring a Ford Ranger with me. I did some reading online about costs and procedures, but wanted to run a few things by some of the people on here who have more knowledge on the matter.

Do pick-ups qualify for 10% duty or will I have to pay 100% as the engine size is over 1600cc?

Do I need to hire a local shipping company to act as a go between with customs or I can sort everything out on my own?

I am aware that shipping the truck will be £1500-2000, registration around Rs50,000. Are there any more cost I should consider apart from duty, VAT and what is mentioned above?

Just want to see if it will be more economical than buying a used pick-up in Mauritius



Here are two links that might be of an interest to you: … -mauritius

The second one explains how to calculate the total duty and taxes that you will have to pay.

You will have to hire a custom broker for that transaction as you can get lost in the myriad of formalities.

IMO, it will cost less to buy a second hand pickup here than to import one.

Thanks mate


Are you a returning citizen?


No, I was born in London, but I do hold a Mauritian passport too. My parents are both from Mauritius.

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