Jobs In Belgium - recruitment companies

Hi ,

I’m looking for recruitment companies in Belgium ... I’m looking for jobs in the market research industry and can only speak English ... 😔

I’m in process of learning to speak in French!

Could someone please share some info please ?

Many Thanks!

I really couldn't tell you, since I have math and I.T. experience but it's all "overseas" so I'm getting so many rejections that I'm thinking I'll have to get my PhD in either of those fields before I'll be able to pass the paper-screen for even so much as a helpdesk support job? They say the IT job market in Ireland is "better than here" but as Irish I'd say it's equally vastly difficult to get a job anytime soon there either. Fortunately I managed to finish and submit the "government emergency housing" application (France's, not Belgium's) online, hopefully that comes through before the money runs out! Since there are NO "couches" to "surf" here at all now, I'm just living at the Airport in the meantime, applying for everything, waiting, doing nothing else. The only lead I've got is an online English-teaching thing via Skype from Moscow, where they don't care so much if your "accent" sounds "North American" - well you put on the form first your actual nationality and then your "accent" so they know what they're getting if they invite you to the interview. If all else fails....I married that Russian guy and "took" "his" name all those years ago for some reason, of course I never dreamed it would be that one. That I'd need his country instead of him needing the UK.

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