Beware of scammers - Fake job offers from Turkey

AmakaW :

The email address was written as this
From Aydıner Construction hr[at]

how comes you dont recognise that the mail address does not belong to aydiner construction? if the mail was coming from company, it would be instead of, this is really waste of time..


HI Guys  my name is Amadu.

I wanted to joined a partnership with this marmaris recruitment Company. But first I will like to know if they are legit or scam?

I have set up a meeting appointment for Monday on Zoom. I will record the communication we will have and sent it on this platform so further review..

But first i will like to know what do you guys make up this marmaris recruitment Company, it is Scam or Legit?

They also sent me their Article of Incorporation stating that they were founded in 2014, along with their wire transfer accounts and other sensitive data of their company. so i will really like to know...

Also I have a Travel Consultant Agency  in my country, so i am trying to joined partnership with other potential work  and study abroad platform to integrate to for partnership..

I hope to hear from you guys

Founded in 2014, but their site was registered in 2010.
There goes a red flag so I suppose the first thing to do is make sure you're actually in communication with the real deal.

Wire transfer accounts suggest they're asking for cash, a very large red flag.

Yes in their article of Incorporation it say that their business were  in 2014.

I will send you their form and their article of incorporation
review it and get back to me

here is their other Link

that happens to be their contract form

That says, as I suspected, you have to pay 700 Euro for a visa - There's no way in this world you should pay them.

As a note, the Manchester address they give belongs to this company

Google street view confirms a large suite of offices with Rullion signs all over it.

Haha bro thanks very much for the review..

I will be very happy for get suggestion from you on company to joined partnership with for work abroad program.


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