Job offer letter

I received offer letter from al Zain hospital Istanbul. For the post of  staff nurse
Please anybody can tell me is it right or feck

Even I received the same mail from them

But still designation is pending

I dono whether it s true r fake

@vroham9 Try a job in Malta, I heard they have positions for nurses. Please research.

Received, thank you

Are you kidding?I thought this was the same post I replied.But I realised now that this is a new post.Let me inform you.

When you google Al zain hospital you get the arabic version and the contact column is as follows.

Contact us
However, we recommend filling the form in order to get detailed free consultation meet your expectation.
Please note that all information provided will be kept confidential. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.
Please fill out as much information as possible. (The * marked fields are required.)
The consultation is totally FREE!! One of our team will contact you soon.
CONTACT US 00905550066888 – 00905061018803

Look at the phone numbers.Have you ever seen a great company typing phone numbers as above?Plus these are GSM numbers.No landline no fax number.Please be wise.

Also here you are the thread about same hospital on web site.

You are very welcome.