Beware of scammers - Fake job offers from Turkey

Dear all,

With number of increasing threads about job offers you might take from Turkey, I have decided to create a main topic for our visitors to be informed of this situation.

* Work permit licence is rarely given and have couple of rules to be followed (except for syrian refugees which is out of context here).

For every 1 foreigner worker, a company has to employ 5 Turkish citizens
Application process takes a week, and 1 - 6 months to be processsed

=>> If a company is asking you money, don't send them because if it was legit company they wouldn't ask for such money because its illegal

When you check their websites / domains are newly registered, photos are from other sites, addresses are random, even their references are stolen from other websites. Also they don't have fixed numbers which starts an area code of 0212 or 0216 for istanbul because in order to obtain that they have to give official id and legit utility address.

Considering these facts, please don't you send any of your personal details or money!

Post the company info in this thread and I will update this post with well known scam websites that we know of.

Also you can send these information to which is official police email of Turkey to help them aware of these scammers.

Names aren't important but here are some of the notorious "fake companies" that you should know of:

Eminönü Hospital
Bagcilar Unity Academy

Good luck!

thanks bro i received the offer letter from eminonu hahaha

yes you right sir, its very difficult nowadays to find a job, especially people who willing to migrate and start a new life.

Tell me about It! Applied over 300 jobs for Europe, no one called lol

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