Nurse Moving to marmaris in future

Hi there, im hoping to get some more information about moving to turkey marmaris in a few years time. I am 23 years old, qualified mental health nurse. My partner lives there and we were hoping to start living together, get married and start a family in the near future, yes some might say im to young but i am a sensible girl and know what i want and living there would make me very happy. I wanted to ask about work and what kind of documents i would need. Would i be able to practice as a mental  health nurse there or not? I am willing to consider different professions if it had to come to this but i know it is hard for non turkish nationals to find decent work there and it is worrying me. Ideally both of us would need/want to work (he is working currently as a hotel manager). I am currently learning turkish and i have been visiting turkey since i was about 2 years old so i know the marmaris area well but work is my main concern, can someone help me please or offer any advise on what i should do? This is a huge decision and i want to make sure i have considered all aspects of it and have done all the research i will need before making a decision. I am also aware about the huge salary differences compared to what i get in the UK which will take time to get my head around.


Well, I think you shouldn't worry about wage a lot and focus on purchasing power. Nurses also make good average wage in Turkey. You can make easily around 3000-4000 liras per month and you can conduct your life with it. In any case, as long as you can't save money, it's the same issue. Plus Marmaris has good weather, natural beautiness. However you shouldn't consider it as all inclusive holiday, hahah. Wish you best. Anything you need, please let me know.

Hi Melissa,
I'live in Marmaris and I doubt if you could pratice as menthal health nurse  here ,never heard any relative  unites   in our local hospitals however you may contact yucelen , marmaris,and hetman hospitals to receive further and definite information along with the process of work permitt and other necessities. You may also sign into  Stuff for sales Marmaris and Icmeler on Facebook where many Brtish origined locals are advising each other for local living. Good luck !

Hello, I am not sure you if are still in the Marmaris area.. But, can't hurt to ask. My mother needs a nurses care for the next few months. Can you help?



Hello, please note that the OP hasn't logged in for the past 5 years.

I suggest that you create an advert in the Jobs section of the website so that qualified candidates might contact you.

All the best




I have a few friends in Muğla. Where does your mother live in Muğla?

@melissahutchin4 There can be extensive posts, but in my view Turkey has very, very qualified people for care. To imply somebody is needed from another country is not appropriate.


Hello, merhaba,

I am a dual qualified registered nurse looking to relocate to Turkey , do you still need help?

I worked in Turkey previously and speak some Turkish.

I am 52 years old