Job offer (scam?)

My name is Gabriel Puerta, I recently received a job offer from a company called Hummer Energy Inc. With details as follows:

Hummer Energy Inc

Tel: xxxxx12

They've asked to contact some

Barr. xxxx
Istanbul Turkey

To start the visa process. It sounds like scam to me. Does anyone have any advise?

Many thanks for any input


Did you apply in the company or did they access you through a LinkedIn/other database?
Or did you get a random email about job offer?

Did you receive the email directly from the said company with the same domain in email?

HAve they sent a contract?

Are they asking you for visa fee?

Many thaks for your reply.

That is definitely a scam. They ask a tranfer through western union as a garantee required by Turkish Government.

They even have a webpage and real phone number.

Yes. I would think so.

The company's web address is fake. There is no company in this name in Turkey

Many thanks for that information.
Hope nobody has fallen on this trap

Hello sir, same company also HUMMER ENERGY send me job offer and big amount of salary is this real or scam..


It's a scam Leandro. Do not get caught in this trap

i just received email regarding hiring employee from same website , since im looking for a job i reply and submit my application i remember i applied last May 7,2017. then i received reply this june 30,2017 with the job offer..

i received this type of email..

From: Hummer Energy Inc <>
Date: May 7, 2017 at 12:30:46 PM GMT+3
Subject: Now Hiring

Dear Sir/Madam
Hummer Energy Inc is Looking for the following Positions for an ongoing Project in Ankara Turkey;

Civil Specialist
Structural Superintendent
Building Inspector
E&I Inspector
E&I Supervisor
Electrical Inspector
Mechanical Inspection Static/Rotating
Mechanical & Piping Supervisor
Mechanical Inspector
Project Manager
Finance Director
Drilling Supervisor
Customer Service
Warehouse Manager
Security Manager
Administrative Officers
Site Doctors

For the interested Candidates, send your CV to: Please Mention: Name - Position - Age in the Subject Line

They will ask you for a money transfer for government guarantees.  Then they will disappear with your money.
Same trick as always with scammers.
Don't send money!!

Thank you so much appreciated your advice...

Hi Antalya,

How about SGF Energy Ltd. ?  They also have a website.
Is it real?
Thank you for your help.


If any company is hiring you without an interview is very suspicious.  Then they will ask for money transfer for any reason.
That is definitely a scam.
No company in the world will ask you for money beforehand for any reason.

Thanks so much for the advice Gabriel.

Any information on the real existence of the company in Istanbul Turkey??


No. I don't live in Turkey

Oops... I am sorry Gabriel. 

Anybody could help me please, especially who lives in Turkey, Istanbul??

Appreciate for any inputs.

Hi Prayitno!
Anyway, speaking of SGF Energy, I also got reply to be one of financial controllers in Turkey, I actually applied this job through gulf email and SGF just emailed me explaining they knew me from gulf outsourcing company. But the thing that makes me suspicios is the email from SGF went to my junk and also they offered me with a big salary (literally big big big salary). Did you as well?

And anyone, could you please help me explaining does this SGF company really exist?

Thank you.

Hi Anggi,
I received also the same offer without interview.
The email went in my junk mail.
I think it is fake.
I decided not to follow it up.


Hi Anggi

I have a similar scenario related to SGF Energy, a real very nice job offer, good website if you check, but very suspicious, not based about spam folder, just because their offer besides de big salary it is to start just 2 weeks in Istambul, and everybody with expat experience, knows very well, that this takes time due to the paperwork starting with the visa, permit to work, bla bla, etc

So looks like another try to get money

I received an offer letter from SGF-ENERGY in Istanbul Turkey and they give a good offer but the problem is they asking show money. They instructed me send it by Western union on my name I would like to ask if it true.

Please give me answer.

Just Scammers looking for naive people....

yes unfortunately the scammers use many methods and especially they psychologically try to penetrate in the minds of the job seekers and their preferred destinations,
especially be more alert and think that a contract of work should be following an interview passed on telephone and also on skype in general it happens like that,
a reliable recruiter never asks for money transfer,

also same method they followed to me
money transfer to western union is this a genuine thing. Got an offer also but very huge salary !

Any so called job offer that asks you to send money is a scam.


Please did anyone know this organisation in Turkey:[b]Anatolian Drilling & Exploration Corporation, I just received a Job offer letter from them randomly. Please HELP.

Olanrewajusamuel wrote:

I just received a Job offer letter from them randomly. Please HELP.

Random? Forget it.

I recieved the same email. I have sent the email to the Turish Consulate and wait on thier reply.
I have send an email to Linkedin waiting in a reply.
I also tried to find the company on the website. I only found Pars drill Anatolinn drilling & Exploration Corporation. I send the a copy of the email and the visa requirments . Waiting on thier reponds.
If this is not a scam it would be a great oppitunity for both of us.
Kind Regards

Good afternoon, I also received a job offer anatolian dec, Is this company or is it a scam?

I received a job offer and appointment letter from anatolian drilling and exploration corporation in ankara turkey. is this a real company or not? i search for this company and i found paris anatolian drilling and well service. but they provide their web site in the appointment letter which is, when you visit the site you will find a good profile with detailed information. i am really confused and need your help and advise if any one know about this company or it is a scam.

Hello Karimyousseg,
    I received a similar letter. There are many problems with the letter.
1. All visa are done by electronic e- visa
2. Never send money to any company even though it's to yourself.
3. Do not fill out the visa application that was sent to you.
  A. Reason : once you fill out the visa form that was sent to you. (They now have your information.)
4. The Turkie Embassy checked the information and concluded it was a scam.
If you would take time to check the information sent some of the information do not match up to what you will find.
5. Check Google. You will find nothing.
6. Check Rigzone. You will find nothing.
7. Check Company name on Google you will find nothing.
I would like the Anatolian job to be real also. But with all the information I received from the Turkie Embassy and with all the investigation I have done.
It is a SCAM .

Dear dereese,
Thanks for your valuable reply.

I got job offer to at this company Anatolian drilling and exploration corporation is this legit or a scam???

Think about what they are offering.
According to the Turkish Embassy in Hanoi it is a scam.
Check details , address, individual broad look up on Rig Zone. Check the location on the map. Check the name of the company. Nothing is correct.

Scammers work on greed and stupidity.
Random emails - drrr
Asking for money for whatever - bit obvious
Massive salary - why would anyone pay so far over industry norms?

Stupidity. Future posters will find the thread through google, then ask silly questions without reading the thread and finding out it's already been outed as a scam.

Some people actually read all the warnings but ignore them in the hope of a sack of cash - then lose their money.

Good day mam/sir please I need your help ,..

   I apply in website, as a personal driver in one of website,after a few days I receive an email from that website  they said I'm qualified to apply, after 1 day I receive an email again from the company I apply shishane oil group of company they send me a contact , and they said I need to provide my visa  to go in Turkey   and it's refundable when I arrived , please help me if this is true or scum thank you so much..

They send me a job offer from the company I applied pls Tel me if this is true

There's just no telling some people.
Send the money, lose it, then pop back to the forum to warn everyone of a scam.

Hello all, I´m new here.

I received a job offer from SHISHANE OIL COMPANY, with a very good conditions. I made a contact (more than 2 messages) with the email informed and received different anwsers (looks like that somebody is tipping message - not "robots").

Later I made a contact with the email informed on the SHISHANE web site asking if the emails that I received and again I received a message with confimation that it´s TRUE.

According to the instructions, I have to made a contact with a office - JOAN CLAY TRAVELS for Visa process.

But, nobody ask me nothing, nobody phone me, no interviews, no skype call, nothing...

I think that this is SCAM...

Anybody here know something about this company???