Job offer from Ayaz Holding

Good day,
I've received from Ayaz Holding a job Offer, and they insist to send 3000 US $ in my account through MoneyGram system, even the email I received it as a Spam (I opened it), and they confirm me by 3 other emails if I receive the email, with a contract letter to sign and to send it back to them. Could you, please, help me if the offer is correct and document that I've signed and sent it back to them legible and accepted by the local legislation. thanks in advance for any kind of help from your part.

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Asking for money first is a big red flag and I would advise you not to send any money to this company. It seems that it is a scam.

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Hi Priscilla
Many thanks for your kind advise...I didn't sent any money to these people, and it's not the first time that we receive such kind of emails....appreciate your great support.

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This is a pure scam, never send any money.

EVen with 1 dollar. It's no no!

I got similar offer letter from Ayaz. Holding. Asking me to sign the contract and send back to them.
They were offering to pay 75% upfront of 2 month salary.
How true is this ?

Except that they're not asking for money. They're insisting on paying.

But it still seems kinda fishy. I wonder if OP applied for the job or did they contact him/her via a job portal. Otherwise kinda fishy but I'm curious what others think.

If it's too good to be true..then it ain't true. You lose your money if you send . it's a scamm

it is 100% spam,fake....

Yes, I just got job offer from them also. But, no any request me to send some money to them. ( They may ask me in the near future. )


I have the same issue, I just received an offer letter from them 2 days back and they requested to sign it and send it back to them, they are offering to pay 2 months salary in advance and 75% of this amount to be transferred to offshore account, they are offering a huge amount which can't believe it, it looks a scam.

Nobody puts money into an account in that way. They may be trying to launder money, or maybe asking for card details including the security code so they can wipe out your account.
Whatever they're doing, it puts you and your cash in danger.

If you have given them bank details, talk to your bank as soon as possible.