How to verify authenticity of Employment letter

I received appointment letter from Alghufran Hospital instanbul. I do not know whether its legit or not.

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Has anyone asked money from you ?

How did you initially apply for their offer or contact them ?



@Bhavna months ago i made a profile on job seeking database. When they contacted me they said they have seen my profile there and were keen to know if im interested. I then sent my cv. They replied that they will get back to me. They did with an appointment letter. They said i must apply for foreign worker's permit that i will for but once its done and sent to them.

Is it this "hospital" ?

They said i must apply for foreign worker's permit that i will for but once its done and sent to them.

If they want money for the permit, it's a scam.

Is it this "hospital" ?

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Set up July - Not looking good

Stolen images on the site - Way too dodgy to be worth any risk

as this one is a new thread, i will try to clarify things once more again (bhavna, you may think to pin this so everyone can see at top among the list of posts):

1) turkey's phone code is 90, gsm numbers start by 5xx, so if it reads +90 5xx, it means it is a gsm number. so they type like +905 xxx, it is same, they just want to confuse you.

2) all leading companies' domain names end by .tr, if there is no .tr, most probably it is fake company.

3) you shoud check address by street view. mostly they use addresses where there is no street views available yet, so you cannot control the place.

4) the company may be legit. but the offer may be coming from another domain name. you should learn how to compare and distingusih. not the visible mail sender name, but the real mail account.

5) you can even copy/paste/search any single paragraph form the web site, you will see that there are several sites with same text. such like the photos.

6) if you dont understand above matters and still believe that you deserve to be paid as much as mercedes's or coca-cola's ceo, go ahead..

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@nocyno1 Its a scam because you can not apply for a works permit yourself the company must apply for you and they should pay it too its the law here.

I received offer letter from AlJabeel group from Turkey, I just want to ask if this is legit.. Thank you

I have no clue but, if you use your brain, you can work it out.

Did you apply for the job?

If not, of course it's very probably a scam

Have they asked you to pay?


See, easy, isn't it?

2 websites, one opened last month, suggests care should be taken is a scam site looks real but I can't confirm at this point

I have mentioned it before, if you are good and people want you, they should give you money easy. (when I moved countries they give massive (too much perhaps) compensation.

Me paying for a job, out of the question. (Admittedly I am semi-retirement so easy for me to say)

Application is fine, but they should be interested, you paying anything is not good.

Be proud of what you can or do, people should pay you rather than the other way around.

As a side not why Turkey, enough education enough young people, why should you have a chance??

Again if you are excellent there is a chance, but they should pay you.

@Borraro Please refer to a later posts, I do agree with what you say, still common sense is good to have.

It starts with all the information on the company's letterhead; the person who signed it is a manager. The paper was usually marked with a blue pen, stamped or signed by a notary and then an apostle. Then have it translated and signed in Turkey.

Most places won't let you apostle unless a notary signs the document. It can't be more original than that if it has been notarized or apostilled from the time it was issued.

Most people have it translated and notarized, but the translator will say it's a copy.

How i will check my turkish job offer letter real or fake

Use your brain.

Did you apply for the job?

Have they asked for money?

Hi, i recieved a job offer from Astir Logistics, Yulo Mh, Uskudar, istanbul, i applied through Layboard. In, they ask me to pay a so called corporate travel agency  USD 1090 to obtain a Foreign worker's certificate , please advice, chinnaiyan

Hello chinn1971,

Just to confirm, does the Foreign Worker's Certificate grant you permission to work in Turkey? How does it compare to a working visa?

Before sending any money to an agency, I recommend conducting further research to gather more information.

Hopefully, someone on this forum will be able to assist you.

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It's really easy



Dear Borraro,

Need your help.

Couple of days ago, while searching for job i have applied on Ayasgroup Turkey. I have only send them resume. Yesterday, i received an offer letter from them. I am surprised how is this possible , that a company can hire someone on the basis of resume, without even calling him, interview , test or conducting any other thing like these. How can i confirm that whether that offer letter is real or fake. Below are the details.

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Güney Sümbül Sk. No. 4 Kocaeli Istanbul Türkiye


+90 534 309 72 16

    It's really easy





On job offer letter this statement is mentioned.

"Under our Expatriate Statute Law (ESL), the foreign worker must first apply for

the FWC and obtain the certificate at their own expense."

What if i get the FWC and then i camet to know that it was fake offer letter?

    It's really easy



This, but read it this time