Want to go Saudi and join my husband


My husband is doing a job in Riyadh. His company applied the work permit visa but saudi embassy rejected his Visa for some reason. This is one of the option for me to join my husband as he will get iqama, but now it's not possible to get iqama.So what can we do....? How it is possible to join my husband??? Please anyone help me for this?

Thanks in advance.


Depends on the visa he is on.  If he is on a business visa, he can apply for an escort visa to have him accompany you.  Otherwise, his company can apply for a standard visit visa for you.  In both cases, his company needs to help guide you.

Thank you Xtang.....
He is on the business Visa.
What is the requirements for applying escort visa and standard visa??? Can both visa's is applied without iqama certificate???

    your husband's company visa agents would be able to suggest better suited to your case. in case they are not supportive enough, you need to catch hold of a saudi visa agents in India [lot of them in delhi & mumbai] who will arrange for self sponsored escort visa for spouses on business visa. I believe there are further divisions in it like single entry & multiple entry visa and these visa duration will be given based on your husband's visa validity period. escort visa can be applied without iqama and marriage certificate, his visa copy, invitation letter from his company are the documents i heard of from my visa consultancy. 
standard visa i am not sure how to bring spouses.

there could be more complications based on your info which says there has been a rejection, so best advice is to consult a paid visa service agency. there are multiple agencies, go with trusted & which has good ratings.

FYI: i am not a visa expert. my suggestions are based on few of my inquiries i have done to bring my family.

Yep.  You need someone to guide you on this i.e. your husband's company.  Depending on your country, both visas may need letter of invitation from your husbands country (escort visa usually doesn't but for some countries, it is still required).

For visa details, check on the VFS Tahseel site for your country.  Go to:


Choose your country and browse the different types of visas for documents, fees and process.

Thank you sir.

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