How to acquire relevant agency recommendation for Malaysian PR?

According to Malaysian immigration site ( in order to qualify in applying a Permanent Residency for "professional" category, I will need to get the following:

1. Professional in any fields with outstanding skills
2. Requires recommendation by relevant Agency in Malaysia.
3. Requires Certificate of Good Conduct from Country of Origin.
4. Requires one (1) Malaysian sponsor. -
5. Working in any Government Agency or Private Company in Malaysia for a minimum period of three (3) years and certified by the Relevant Agency in Malaysia.

For point no.2, I'm currently working in a science and tech sector for a private company in malaysia for about 4 years and it listed that the agency that issues the recommendation for my sector is "MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION". However, its website is down at the time of writing (

Has anyone successfully applied and got this recommendation before? Appreciate your input, thanks!

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