Expat related news

There's a lot of expat related news very few expats seem to notice so I thought I'd start a thread linking to expat related stories (maybe with some tourist stuff if it's of interest).
Feel free to add content but please don't link to poor quality or unreliable sources.

https://en.antaranews.com/news/121663/e … uthorities

Bandung, W Java, (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian immigration authorities in Bandung, West Java Province, have detained eight Nigerian citizens for alleged misuse of visa or stay permit.

"They were arrested in two apartments during the raids that we recently launched," Head of Bandung City`s Immigration Office Ari Budidjanto told journalists here on Wednesday.

The wording of this one suggests they were up to a lot more than a simple overstay. Further down the page the story goes on to mention 3 foreign national arrested in Cirebon for working without a permit.

There goes a story for any expats tempted to work without a permit.

https://en.antaranews.com/news/121652/f … -in-taiwan

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - The Foreign Ministry plans to follow up on a report of Indonesian students forced to work at a number of factories in Taiwan.

The Indonesia Trade and Economic Chamber (KDEI) in Taipei earlier received a complaint from the students about the internship that has lasted since 2017.

This one is about Indonesian expats in Taiwan, seemingly abused by being forced into slave labour.

This one doesn't seem expat related as such but serves as a warning for expats and tourists in that area.
Indonesia is generally peaceful and safe for all but there are small numbers of extremists around so it's advisable to be a little careful in some areas.

https://en.antaranews.com/news/121647/6 … rist-group

Some 60 personnel of the National Police`s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) unit have been deployed to assist Parigi Moutong district police in Central Sulawesi province in hunting down the East Indonesia Mujahidin (MIT) terrorist group, led by Ali Kalora.

A gang of suspected Bulgarian criminals have been arrested for ATM scams in Bali.
Their version of the scam involved a camera in the keyboard cover, something that should be easy enough to check for with a wipe of the hand on the inside when you use an ATM.

https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/201 … -scam.html

Police have apprehended four Bulgarians for their alleged involvement in skimming bank card data at several ATMs in Denpasar, Bali.

Bali Police spokesperson Hengky Widjaja said the suspects, identified only as KDY, VRG, VKN and VVC, were arrested after an intensive coordination between the police and banks in Denpasar, after an increasing number of ATM skimming cases.

No signs of violence reported at this point

https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/201 … -bali.html

An Austrian tourist was found dead at a luxury beach club in Bali on Monday morning, Badung Police said on Wednesday.

Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Yudith Satriya Hananta told The Jakarta Post that the victim, identified as Alexander Glowatschig, was found dead in a swimming pool at Potato Head Beach Club in North Kuta, Badung regency. The man, who was about 30 years old, was found at around 5 a.m. by club staff member Mulyadi.

Entry into Indonesia is not guaranteed

https://en.antaranews.com/news/121684/3 … mmigration

Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA News) - A total of 392 foreign nationals were refused entry into Indonesia by the immigration authorities in Batam City, Riau Islands Province, during 2018, an immigration officer stated.

"We denied entry to 392 foreign nationals into Indonesia," Head of Batam City`s Immigration Office Lucky Agung stated here on Friday.

No mention of the immigration sackings in batam? Strange! small amount of refusals had been wrong and for no reason, stranger still no mention of refusing entry whilst having correct legally obtained visas
Note to dodgy immigration officers : with today’s technology conversations can easily be recorded and lead to losing your jobs👍👍

Gwmeath :

No mention of the immigration sackings in batam? Strange! small amount of refusals had been wrong and for no reason, stranger still no mention of refusing entry whilst having correct legally obtained visas
Note to dodgy immigration officers : with today’s technology conversations can easily be recorded and lead to losing your jobs👍👍

Sacked officers ???? Missed that one - can you dig out the story and link please :)

If / when made available will do

This is only covered by a few outlets (and a couple of those are untrustworthy at best) so confirmation would be nice if anyone knows the truth.

This news suggests tourists and expats should invest in a protective case for their passport.
I'm unsure this is a good move, especially at a time of falling tourist numbers, but I have no say in that.

https://thewest.com.au/news/aviation/da … 881060834z

Bali-bound passengers with damaged passports are being denied boarding in Perth because of new tighter restrictions and fines imposed by Indonesian authorities.

After an incident in November when a British couple were denied entry to Bali because one passport was slightly chewed by their dog, airlines say that Indonesian authorities are now enforcing a $US5000 fine on airlines if they carry passengers with damaged passports, while the passengers are sent home.

However, there is confusion between airlines about the extent of the damage that should preclude travel.

Here's some possible good news for Singaporeans who fancy some time in Indonesia's vocational training establishments.

https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-as … -education

SEMARANG, Central Java - Singapore and Indonesia are keen to explore further collaboration in vocational education, their ministers said on Thursday (Jan 10).

Singapore's Education Minister Ong Ye Kung noted that Indonesia's economy has been on an encouraging trajectory and that the current administration is determined to push for industrialisation and job creation.

And for any Malaysian academics fancying a lecturing in Indonesia - and the other way around

https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2019 … -indonesia

JAKARTA: The Education Ministry is exploring opportunities for the setting up of branch campuses of Malaysian public universities in Indonesia, which has a population of about 260 million.

Its minister, Dr Maszlee Malik, who began a two-day working visit here Thursday, said he was looking into what Malaysia could offer to education in Indonesia in efforts to step up cooperation in the field between the two countries.

One of the areas that could be explored was to establish branch campuses of Malaysian public universities in Indonesia, he said after a visit to the Malaysian embassy.

He also said several universities in Indonesia had indicated their interest in opening branch campuses in Malaysia.

This one is aimed at tourism, but applies just as much top expats.
I have to agree as I've seen so little crime here.

https://en.tempo.co/read/1163789/indone … ma_Click_1

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Tourist, either local or foreign, possibly have no other reasons to not travel to Indonesia since the archipelago is ranked ninth in the world for its security, said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya after signing the contract or MoU with the National Police Chief Tito Karnavian in the Police Headquarters Thursday, January 10.

UNICEF and ILO reports are interesting reads on crime stats for Indonesia from child prostitution (paedophile tourist and locals etc)  to corruption and drugs etc I’ll try to find the links but they don’t list “tourism” safety or at least from memory they didn’t I would agree in general low key crime it is safe
Bag snatching is a big problem as to is pickpockets etc, my biggest pet hate here are the illegal taxis (local pet hate) and child exploitation (mum and dad playing on android phones send kids out begging) I don’t know the legalities of this but it appears to be ignored by authorities so one would presume its legal?

All true but most of that isn't really an expat thing - so not really altering the outcome as far as expats settling here is concerned

More for tourists than expats\

https://en.tempo.co/read/1164383/minist … mp;view=ok

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ministry of Tourism has prepared a budget of Rp15 billion for the recovery of tourism in Banten and Lampung. The two province were hit by a deadly tsunami in the Sunda Strait on December 22, 2018.

95,000 foreign workers in Indonesia

https://en.tempo.co/read/1164387/number … mp;view=ok

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Director General of Manpower Placement Development and Expansion of Employment Opportunities of the Ministry of Manpower Maruli Apul Hasoloan said the number of Foreign Workers (TKA) up to December 31, 2018, was 95,335 people. He stated that the number was small compared to the number of Indonesians, which is around 250 million.

"These foreign workers also come and go, so they don't stay here. Most of them are here only a few months, at the most, only two years," Maruli saidat the Ministry of Manpower in Jakarta, recently.

The number of foreign workers in 2018 did increase compared to 2017, which amounted to 85,974, according to Maruli. It happened because investment in other countries in Indonesia was increasing.

Of these, the number of foreign workers who mostly came to Indonesia was from China (32,000), Japan (13,897), Korea (9,686), India (6,895) and Malaysia (4,667). The positions that can be filled by foreign workers are only certain positions, so Maruli said there are no unskilled laborers among the foreign workers, this limitation is one of the efforts to protect Indonesian workers.

Expats have to shop, and this is a chain I use. This is a large and very well known chain here so closing stores will create issues for some expats, mostly of convenience

https://en.tempo.co/read/1164039/hero-s … mp;view=ok

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Retail company PT Hero Supermarket reportedly closed 26 branches located across Java and Sumatra in 2018. Most of these stores were located in the Greater Jakarta Area.

"532 employees were affected by the company's efficiency policy," said Tony Mampuk, PT Hero Supermarket corporate affairs general manager on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Tony revealed that the company is currently facing a business-related problem, forcing it to exercise efficiency policy in order to preserve the company. He said that the layoff affected all levels from branch managers down to cashiers.

This could be of interest to South African / Indonesian expats

https://www.iol.co.za/pretoria-news/ind … s-18833112

THE Indonesian government hopes that this year will bring it a step closer to strengthening its trade with Africa, and especially South Africa, when it hosts the Indonesian-African Infrastructure Dialogue in Bali.

Indonesians working abroad, and very probably specialist expats arriving in Indonesia

https://dunia.tempo.co/read/1165700/jad … mp;view=ok

According to the Director General of Multilateral Cooperation of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Febrian Ruddyard, there are at least five things that have become Indonesia's focus through this position. First, Indonesia wants to be able to create a sustainable ecosystem of world peace, including promoting conflict resolution through dialogue, consultation and negotiation.

Fred :

All true but most of that isn't really an expat thing - so not really altering the outcome as far as expats settling here is concerned

I beg to differ, to suggest the above mentioned is not expat related is ignorance, settling here and stats on pedos, human trafficking etc is a concern as a tax payer to the economy it’s a huge concern

Gwmeath :
Fred :

All true but most of that isn't really an expat thing - so not really altering the outcome as far as expats settling here is concerned

I beg to differ, to suggest the above mentioned is not expat related is ignorance, settling here and stats on pedos, human trafficking etc is a concern as a tax payer to the economy it’s a huge concern

I would tend to disagree. All crime in Indonesia could be an issue for expats, but the vast majority are in blissful ignorance that sort of stuff even happens here - more than a few have no idea Indonesia stretches further than their office, home, and Farmers' market.

Bali and some bits of South Jakarta suffer from crime that impacts on expats, but that's about it.
There's drug crime in Indonesia, but not that much drug related crime, so only expats idiotic enough to mess around with illegal drugs are concerned about that problem.

There's sex trafficking, an absolutely nasty crime, but only expats that rape the girls and women (maybe boys and men as well) are actually in contact with that, so it hardly matters as far as the daily lives of most expats go.

This news thread is intended for news that actually concerns expats, not necessarily what expats should be concerned about from a moral point of view.

I've also deliberately avoided any political news as ifs, maybes, and butts (not a typo, more a comment) are not really news.

Well have to agree to disagree

This could be very good news for a lot of new expats

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles … mbong-says

Indonesia expects billions of dollars in investment from companies relocating factories from China as a fallout of its trade war with the U.S., according to Tom Lembong, chairman of the country’s Investment Coordinating Board

That can't do anything but help to offset any job losses caused by the trade wars

This one is aimed at Muslim expats that might be concerned about internet use in Indonesia.

https://www.thejakartapost.com/seasia/2 … ence-.html

A Malaysian startup is betting that there’s plenty of pent-up demand for a new browser that’s compliant with Islamic values, at a time of mounting concerns over privacy, bias and online abuse over the internet.

SalamWeb, a mobile browser, is designed to deliver a Muslim-friendly web experience. The app, which includes messaging, news and other features, is aimed at users in Malaysia and Indonesia, according to Hasni Zarina Mohamed Khan, managing director at Salam Web Technologies.

This  is mostly local but could be an issue for expats in that area.
Without going into who might be right or wrong, this might be a useful warning.

It seems, assuming the news is accurate, there are murders and rapes going up over there, and western/other foreign faces are likely to be terrorist targets.

https://en.tempo.co/read/1172560/stop-c … ma_Click_3

This is absolutely expat related
Indonesia is looking to boost overseas investors - Japan in this case

https://en.tempo.co/read/1171694/indone … investment

Tourism boost - Not really expat related but, in my humble opinion, English teaching from age six would produce a new generation of Indonesians able to take advantage of tourist dollars.
That would mean a lot of English native speakers until a new generation of Indonesian graduates with good English skills can take over the work.

https://jakartaglobe.id/context/indones … -this-year

Expat or tourist - attacking an immigration official is a very bad idea

https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/201 … ficer.html

Missing court dates is also a duff idea

The Denpasar District Court on Wednesday sentenced a British woman, Auj E. Taqaddas, 43, to six months in jail after finding her guilty of assaulting an immigration officer at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The assault happened in July, while the trial started in early December. The judges were to have read out their verdict and the sentence at the end of it on Jan. 21, but the defendant failed to show up, causing the session to be postponed. That happened two more times, until prosecutors had Taqaddas arrested at Lippo Mall Kuta on Wednesday and taken to court to attend the final session of her trial and hear the ruling.

One bit of news that could be an issue for expats and everyone else is the ban on using GPS when driving.
For me, enforcing this would be a large problem that would mean severe difficulties causing a lot of lost time and a lot of stopping to turn on GPS, get directions, and start again.
Sadly, a lot of GPS users (Mostly motorcyclists, especially ojek) are irresponsible, giving the unit most of their driving attention rather than the road, so it's possible the police will crack down on it.
Luckily, this seems mostly aimed at motorcycles.

https://en.tempo.co/read/1172636/govt-r … by-gps-map

https://en.tempo.co/read/1173017/expert … gps-device

Don't mess around with weed or other drugs - Regardless of anyone's opinions, the police and courts here take illegal drugs very seriously so expats messing with them can easily end up in serious trouble.
Perhaps he thought he could get away with it because indoor cultivation is new to the cops here.

https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/201 … tment.html

The National Police have uncovered a new mode of marijuana cultivation used to avoid detection inside an apartment room in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

The police arrested the suspect, an American national identified by the initials LAC, who told the police he brought the seeds from the United States..................
................The suspect, 35, who works as a fitness trainer, faces charges under Article 111 section 1 of Narcotics Law No. 35/2009 that carries a maximum sentence of 12 years imprisonment and a Rp 8 billion (US$542.37) fine. (sau)

Expats scamming expats (and locals) is getting to be an issue in some tourist areas, but this one is nasty and going to lead to two foreigners seeing the inside of a prison for a good while.
I suspect immigration will be reviewing their case so, once they finally get out of the nick, they'll be out of the country.

https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/201 … -kuta.html

Police have arrested two Iranian men for allegedly impersonating police and robbing a Chinese tourist in the popular tourist district of Kuta in Bali.

The two men, Shiraziniya Azad, 53, and Shirazi Nia Hossein, 40, reportedly stole US$1,400 from their victim.

Denpasar Police chief Sr. Comr. Ruddi Setiawan said on Monday that the two Iranians had tricked the Chinese man in front of Kuta Centre Park hotel on Jl. Patih Jelantik on Jan 30.

“The victim was walking when the two suspects approached him by car. They said that they were the police’s drug squad and had to search him,” Ruddi said.

The suspects conducted a body search of the victim and searched his belongings. When searching the victim’s wallet, the suspects allegedly took the money in bank notes.

Sorry this one is in Indonesian, but it basically says there are only about  86,000 foreign workers in Indonesia, and he was treating that as an achievement.

https://nasional.kompas.com/read/2019/0 … 001-persen

Basically, the political climate is good for tourism, but less good for foreigners hoping to work here.

Better not to point guns at the police here or you're like to go to hospital with a bad case of death.
This twit found out first hand, and his mates have unspecified injuries. No idea if they took a beating, but they deserved one.

http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019 … -bali.html

Just a case of killing / shooting unarmed aggressive thieves by the story

Gwmeath :

Just a case of killing / shooting unarmed aggressive thieves by the story

The story mentions weapons in the hands of the suspects, but doesn't specify what they were. As long as the weapons were capable of injuring the officers, and given the very violent nature of the crimes reported by the Post, I see no questions for the police to answer.

Frankly, the police actions seem reasonable in this case, but I'm a little surprised the other suspects survived. Must have been one especially aggressive, the other two's power withering to nothing when they realised the cops weren't the soft job they had beating money changer staff unconscious.
They sound like typical bullies - powerful against easy targets, but wimps when faced with the real thing.

So they did not point guns (very misleading) im not doubting they stole and hurt people, story sounds very cagey
Extraordinary poor journalism

Gwmeath :

So they did not point guns (very misleading) im not doubting they stole and hurt people, story sounds very cagey
Extraordinary poor journalism

Newspapers in general aren't known for absolute accuracy, nor are they totally unbiased in much.  They tend to word stories to suit what they want it to look like so it's a matter of taking it apart and working out what actually happened, preferably with several reports (not copied wire versions) from several outlets.
This one suggests the gang was extremely violent, probably more than a little sadistic, and had weapons of some sort, perhaps knives, but not guns, and the cops felt their safety was at risk.
That would, at least for me, justify the shooting as you simply can't expect the cops to go into a potentially life threatening situation if they have the means to go in safely.
The injuries the other suspects suffered, as mentioned in the story, tells me they either fought and lost in epic fashion, or the cops were less than happy, they might well have shot their mouths off, then took a slapping for their trouble.
I don't suppose we'll ever know as nobody with any power to do anything about it is likely to ask and, if I'm being honest, stuff their human rights anyway - the suspects beat up a bunch of innocent people that were in no position to defend themselves, so justice is probably well served if they got one back from the coppers.

Another VERSION says,

Officers at the scene secured rifles, bayonets, screwdrivers, raincoats, gloves, and seven passports as evidence.

It doesn't say if they were firearms or air weapons, but a powerful air rifle can cause serious injury or death, so that, if accurate, further justifies the police using guns. That report says two were shot, not just the dead one.
If the passport part is accurate, the ones that scarpered are all but nabbed.

I read the second version or similar on Thursday? along with overseas reports that several mention a rifle or rifles along with further weapons the consistent weapon mentioned is a SS1 rifle that is standard for the Indonesia armed forces and police if true how in the hell did A. the military/ police misplace one (I use the term misplaced very loosely) B it brings me back to “it’s a cagey story” in my previous reply
The gang mentioned is known internationals for organised crime throughout Europe how had they been allowed in Indonesia?
Extremely cagey circumstances

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