Sending and receiving packages in Ukraine


As an expat, there are inevitably certain items you might want or need from back home, and around the holiday period, many people like to send gift packages.

How easy is it to send and receive packages in Ukraine?

Is the public postal system efficient?

Do people tend to prefer using private shipping services? Which ones?

How do the costs of the private shipping services compare?

How long does it take generally to receive packages from abroad in Ukraine?

Do you have to pay taxes on items received by mail from abroad?

Are packages delivered right to your doorstep, or do you usually have to go collect them somewhere?

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There are company's that do regular runs to and from Ukraine, the cost is £1.30 a kg. min 10 kg. delivery is normally via Nova Poshta. (very good service). you can use UPS , and FEDEX. you need to contact them.

From Ukraine to UK can take up to 10 weeks. from UK to Ukraine it depends on who you use. There are many items that are not permitted here. The list is long and complex. but in short .no meat,fish,spices, home made stuff, coffee, tea. anything else only one item. ie. 1 bar of chocolate etc etc. Most privet company's will carry what ever you give them within reason.

There is a company in Ternopil region that delivers between Ukraine and UK every two weeks, he collects and delivers mainly in Western Ukraine and the London area but uses a relative in London who will recieve and send other parcels to other parts of the UK, I used them a lot when I was living in Ukraine. He pretty much takes anything apart from cigarettes and tobacco which are a massive no no because of customs in Dover.

I have used several services between the U.S or U.K. (I ship 3 or more packages each month)
and Ukraine ...FedEx, UPS, DHL, Meest (MICT), Nova Poshta, and the UKR mail service.

Although expensive, FedEx, UPS, and DHL are all very reliable. I prefer DHL because they have a larger presence in Ukraine and most of their employees speak English. But, using them for anything except really important, time sensitive things can get costly, very costly. A simple letter is $100. Delivery is 2 to 3 days.

Meest  (Mict in Russian/Ukrainian) is very reliable and reasonable. About $5/kilo by air and $3 by sea. Air service is slow, about 3 weeks from the U.S. (sea takes about 5 weeks) and 10 days from the U.K. They have a private customs office that can clear packages in 1 day and you can pay the duty up front for convenience...this is a huge plus.  They will ship anything including automobiles...I had a big SUV sent by sea delivery for about $1200 from the U.S. A queen size memory foam mattress by sea (50 kilos) was about $125. I use this service for everything except time critical items (DHL). Their employees speak English in the U.S. and U.K. but not here.

Nova Poshta is very good too. They have offices all over. Most employees do not speak English but they will ship from almost anywhere. Delivery is usually 2 to 3 weeks depending on customs.

The Ukraine mail service is unreliable and very slow. Packages disappear regularly and there is no insurance. Stay away from the national service.

Ultimately, I  recommend DHL for time sensitive items and Meest (Mict) for everything else.

Nova Poshta is a domestic Ukrainian service.  You use it while you are in Ukraine.  It's reliability is second to none.  However, you must speak Russian to send or receive packages when you check in at the counter.  They send SMS to your phone when packages arrive to you, and the message will specify which store to pick up at.  Furthermore, every package you send will have a tracking number you can check on their website.

Sorry EmperorPenguin you are wrong Nova Poshta are an international postal service, I have used them on several occasions to send and recieve letters to and from England, I must diagree with you that you need to speak Russian, the Nova Poshta we use always speak Ukrainian and sometimes English never Russian. You seem to be a tad obsessed with people in Ukraine speaking only or mainly Russian, this is not the case for the most of the country, also it is the reciever who decides which branch the parcel or letter arrrives to not Nova Poshta.

Totally agree with all you said


I will be in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June, and I want to send a package from Edinburgh to Nikolaev.  I don't see a Nova Poshta in Scotland.  You said you sent a package from England to Ukraine through Nova Poshta?

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there is no Nova Poshta in UK. I used a courier service that runs from uk to Ukraine. who on arriving in Ukraine put it all into nova Poshta. The cost is £1.25 a kilo. which includes transport and Nova Poshta.
Minimum 10 kilos. Thats the easy bit. I dont think they go as far as Scotland. Corby Northamptonshire and to London Yes. When you get to Edinburgh  look for the Ukrainian net workers there, they will assist you. Best way to locate them is facebook.


Hi Martin , what's the name of the courier you use from the UK. Price seems really good. My son wants to send me a package on a monthly basis.

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i am not able to write the phone number here, so please look on this site, under housing. Ukraine and look at add four. Lard house with land for 10,000 . open add and you will see my phone number. send me a text and i will send you the phone numbers. 1 in Uk and 1 in Ukraine



Hello everyone,
Today happens to be my birthday and my uncle wants to send me a brand new camera as a gift to Ukraine. However, I have to pay 30% for custom duties, at least that's what I know of. So the question would be if my uncle unpacks the camera along with its accessories, pack them all in a backpack, doesn't include a check there and however says its a used item but sending it as a gift, would I pay for customs duty? Or maybe just say it's used and estimates its value to 400$ instead of 1300$, would there be any questions on the borders?
Thank you all for your support!!

this site does not provide info on breaking the law or to lawbreakers

Hi there
There are several point to your question.
1. If you have such an expensive gift, why would you try and cheat customs, this sort of thing is what damages a country's economy. Why not have cash sent too you and buy it here.
2. I would not advice you unwrapping said item and saying its been used, customs in the Ukraine are digital know and it only takes a few clicks on a pc, and your busted. Well and truly. And if you on a TRP or PRP you stand too loose it, as you will get a police record for a stupid act.
I know its not what you wish too hear , but remember one thing, no matter your personal reasons for being here ... Your a guest, and guest that piss the host off, could  be told too leave.
If its so important, collect it from Uncle and then it really is your personal item.

I see your point! I'm asking because I really can't afford paying almost 500$ for custom duties, I decided I'll wait until I meet with uncle sometime, thank you all

@UkrAl Hi, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Do you have the contact details for the company in Ternopil region that delivers between Ukraine and UK ?

Isabella hi

The original post was from almost one and a half years ago. Due to the war there are many many restrictions , However. Nova Poshta works from Poland to Ukraine. You must make sure your customs form is on the outside, its better to pay the 20% tax if applicable. There are many many small companies doing delivery's to and from the Ukraine, but i am not in a position to advice any one company and there are no real guarantees, on safe delivery

@martinodessa That's very helpful, thank you so much for your advice.

@UkrAl who is the guy that does it , phone number if possible

sorry for a late reply, there is a Large network and its almost impossible to just give this information. There are many things to be taken into consideration, due to the war and Russian information gatherers. All the services know require personal information and this is not the place to post this.

Things you need to be able to provide,. Your ID Ukrainian or Visa ID. information on what's inside and to whom its going too. Know you need to then go onto face book and ask a local Currier who is traveling your route. Look on the reviews and look at there information. As customs are involved you will also need a form to declare what's in side. The situation changed a week or so ago as entering Ukraine is without too much issue but leaving know requires permission etc etc. There is another option a little bit logistically challenging but seems to work. Get what ever you wish to send to Poland Warsaw Nova Poshta   

Addresses of Nova Poshta branches in Warsaw

• Męcińska Street, 18;

• Kaliny Jędrusik Street 9;

• gen. Józefa Zajączka 11;

• Stefana Okrzei street 18.

or go to … conditions

everything you need to know is there. The system is really really good and so longs as your not trying to send stuff to the very front line, normally takes a few days. We have used this service already, Its a little more restrictive on what you can send but it does get there.

I am sorry my time has been taken up so much , but with the war still going on its cutting my free time down . Just  a quick note. Sending parcels to Ukraine at this moment in time can be costly and no guarantee, of it arriving . However, all is not lost but its still complicated.

  1. There are a lot of people traveling to Ukraine with Humanitarian Aid. they may take it and send once in Ukraine, through Nova Poshta, or Ukrapost.
  2. Send it from Poland through Nova Poshta. Please Please Please read the restrictions , you can see it on the web. the list is as long as your leg, Also needs customs declaration.     


Does anyone collect parcels from Newcastle to Ukraine?

    There is a company in Ternopil region that delivers between Ukraine and UK every two weeks, he collects and delivers mainly in Western Ukraine and the London area but uses a relative in London who will recieve and send other parcels to other parts of the UK, I used them a lot when I was living in Ukraine. He pretty much takes anything apart from cigarettes and tobacco which are a massive no no because of customs in Dover.


Hello, would it be possible to have their contact number? I am looking to send a parcel from Newcastle to Kiev. Thank you.

I have been sending a Lady friend in Kharkiv some parcels as gifts on occasions, birthdays etc.  The first few times it was through Royal Mail and it took time but was not too bad for delivery speeds.

A Christmas gift had to be sent by Parcelforce and I was being overly careful, or so I thought, by sending it two months early, it barely reached her in time.

I've tried sending a Valentines gift a month early, but apparently its been languishing in a depot in Warsaw for a time, this is also Parcelforce.  I'm wonderfing if there are difficulties with anything to do with Parcelforce.  They are not cheap to use, they are awkward and dont seem overly reliable

Hi there

One of the main issues at the moment is the Polish farmer protests. There stopping almost every thing going into Ukraine and out. Unfortunately the Polish government has put its head in the sand, and will do nothing about it. They are after large subsidy's from the EU. So everybody has to suffer. My best advice too you is gift her cash. a little will go a long way, Yes I know not the same, or order a gift in the Ukraine for delivery direct to her. Wise is the best way to send money and use google to translate , (unless your fluent in Ukrainian that is) you can pay from UK and there are many options for pickup , delivery, etc.

hope that helps a bit