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Hi all. I'm currently 67 and retired and living in the UK. I first went to Ukraine to visit a lady I had contacted on the site "Elena's Models" in May 2009. The lady came from Krivoy Rog and, as there was no airport there, I decided to hire a car from Borispol Airport and arranged with a company to rent an apartment. I had no experience of driving on the right-hand side of the road and didn't know a word of Russian/Ukrainian but made it there and back (I'll never complain about the state of British roads again!). I had the idea that the apartment would be in a hotel/apartment-style set-up with a reception so really never found where it was or even who was supposed to let me in. In the end I found a hotel with an English speaking receptionist and stayed there. The dating came to nothing and I ended up getting a speeding "fine" on the way back. I have dated in Kharkov, Gomel in Belarus (ripped off) and Odessa. In 2012 I met up with a lady I had been chatting with for about a year on the site "Anastasia". We stayed together until 2016 when she married a local man but we have remained good friends. I still visit her and was privileged to be asked to be godfather to their daughter this year. I have now been chatting to another from the Anastasia site and would like to go back and meet with her in the New Year/ Christmas as well as celebrate with my friends. However, I have fallen foul of the 90/180 day law and when I left Borispol on 18th November, I had to pay a penalty for overstaying. Now I'm not sure I'll be able to get back in time.

Hello Sierra44,
I'm 54 and have been to Ukraine 3 times and stayed 3 months each time and to Russia for 2 months. My first trip was in 2012. For me they have been trips of a lifetime. Very exciting and adventurous.  I also had some challenging and difficult situations,like getting somewhat lost and nowhere to stay standing on the sidewalk with suitcases in freezing snowing weather, but in the end it was adventurous and fun.  I dated a few  from Anastasia RIPOFF site. I eventually found Elena's Models and met a lady who is now my wife and with me in USA. She is 47.  Have you learned some Russian now? Before my first trip, I got a CD Russian course and learned alot of the basics which saved me big time in stressful situations. I found the most difficulties trying to buy bus or train tickets. The women never seem to speak English,are short tempered and brush you aside and wont sell you a ticket. If you have not, I recommend putting for a big effort to learn Russian.  Are you dating women of your own age or at least no more than 10 years difference?  In my trips I met alot of English speaking men in there 50's and 60's always looking for girls at least 20 or more years younger. Sometimes it can work, but in my opinion it's not realistic.  I heard many stories from men telling me they spent thousands of dollars on young Ukrainian women only to find out in the end she really has no interest to marry or have a future with him. Along the way the fakes always need money for some tragedy,internet connections, new computer, a boiler in their flat and of course their mothers are suffering and ill and need some medications or something else. Trust me, Ive heard it all!  Usually it's a pipe dream as we say in the US.  Your trips sound interesting and I can imagine you have enjoyed them immensely. I love Ukraine and cant wait to go back. I have a free translator now! I would enjoy hearing  more about your experiences there.  You paid your fine for the overstay,so you should be ok. If they make an issue upon arrival, they probably will take you to an office where you can say that you probably forgot to pay a "special" tax and would be more than happy to it now in cash. Have a pile of Ukrainian money on you to pay and you're good to go.

Hello Keith. Thank you for replying to my post.
The main problem is that I am being given mixed messages about returning. The embassy in London says I cannot return without a visa until 90 days after leaving on an overstay. Others say that you can go back anytime as long as you don't overstay the 90 days. I'm really keen to get back for the New Year and Orthodox Christmas but if it's not to be I'll have to accept it. I did find a 90/180 day calculator online (it applies to Turkey but I think they run the same system).
I remember paying the "special tax" twice leaving Kharkov. It was in the days when you had to fill out landing and departure cards. Upon leaving Kharkov airport an official would take you aside into a small room and say that there is a problem with your departure details on the card. However, "I'll help you if you can help me!!!" He didn't want local currency either!
Can't wait to get back and see my little goddaughter who has just turned one year old. It was staying for her birthday which caused me to overstay but it was worth it.

Really confused now.... I have read on the site about people who have overstayed several times and only had to pay the fine. if that is the case then I'm off asap!! Is it better to apply the rules though and stick to the 90/180 days??? I don't mind being made to pay at Borispol but what I do not need is to be turned away on entry.

Sierra -

I have experience with this problem - I accidentally over-stayed and broke the 90-day rule.    I was allowed to leave, but they put a mark on my record in their system, and told I must pay a fine.   I was allowed to leave at my schedule departure time/plane. However - the mark was on my record, so RE-ENTRY was the main problem.

I was told that a could arrange to have someone pay the fine for me in Ukraine.  My friend paid the fine, and saved a copy of the receipt.  However - when I tried to re-enter - the mark was still on my record, as if the fine was never paid.  I showed the receipt - but nothing worked.  Ultimately it was still not a huge problem, I just paid the fine ( again ) and then paid a penalty ( double the value of the fine).  I was allowed re-entry the same day - but it cost me about 6 extra hours in limbo at the airport - I also missed the connecting flight and the wonderful folks at Ukrainian Airlines told me I would have to purchase another ticket at FULL FARE because it was not their fault that I was held at the border.

So the lesson here is that its BEST to be careful about breaking the rule.  However if you DO break it - make sure to save copies of everything and make CERTAIN that the fine is paid IN YOUR NAME.  Even though I'm 100% clean/legal now - I can tell that the mark is still on my record, because each time I pass the border control desk - there is some extra scrutiny and time required to count and double check days in country.  The fine was really not a huge problem - but the hassle, and delays that have resulted from it are quite a nuisance.   

However - from your message - I cannot tell if you have stayed OUT of Ukraine long enough.  You must stay out 90 days from your exit date. The rule is  90 days within a 180 period.  So - just take your exit date, add 90 and that is the day they will allow you re-entry.

I second the comments from above about the dating industry in Ukraine - the sites you mentioned are full of people who are paid to sit and chat with you and are paid PER MINUTE to do it - they use photos and videos that are not real, and really never plan to meet anyone in reality.  Of course - there are some exceptions, I've heard stories of people who actually met real a real person - but I'm certain its really quite rare.   Be careful please.   Good rule of thumb to remember - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Thanks for your reply TxTraveler. Yes, the embassy in London said the same about staying away for 90 days. However, on using a 90/180 day calculator, I found I could go earlier but for less time (as the 180 day period isn't fixed but is a rolling date).
The other option I have is to go back on a different passport (I have a New Zealand passport as well as a British one) although I would have to obtain a visa here for it.
Seems my dream of spending New Year with friends in Nikolaev is fading fast. If I play to the rules, I cannot return until 16 February (thereby missing valentine's day too!). Never mind, at least I didn't get a ban slapped on me.

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