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I wana know about Ukrainian culture as i am intended to go for marrying a Ukrainian girl.I am a Doctor,settled in UAE.I am serious about beginning my family life.I like Ukrainian girls because of their matchless beauty.But I wana know if they are good wives ??I mean family wise??

And you met this "bride to be" through one of the many notorious Ukraninan matrimonial sites?????

Be extremely careful my friend. They are far from what the may seem or say they are...... beautiful yes, but that's only skin deep. Some of them, you wouldn't even want to know what lurks beneath the surface.

Just remember, on the internet one can say anything they wish about themselves, they can pretend to be anything they want to be, invent a completely different identity and profile, and there's virtually no way that you can check any of it out to verify whether it's true or not.

Just so you know what you could be getting into!

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Hi James

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I know about this internet scam.I did not get registered on any of these.I thought i should go to Ukraine and find myself but you are right..i should be careful.and I would be...Thanks again

Women, dear chap, are women.
There are  surely beautiful ladies in Ukraine, as I'm sure there are women that look like the back end of a Russian tank.
One thing is universal, dating site scams will always rip you off, regardless of where the supposed women come from.

Im getting married to one in March. It took three years and alot of trips and dating and meeting many different ladies. Ive seen alot of marriages fail between American guys and Ukrainians and some succeed. The failures were pretty much the guy's fault. They say I married her because she's beautiful or I married her because she has big boobs. They dont spend time to learn about her life and personality. They actually dont care. They only care about how she looks.  I just laugh its so stupid. Then they get the girl back to USA and she wants to go visit her family. They guy says what? No, it's too expensive! Your in USA now, why would you want to go to that terrible country?  Then the arguments start and he agrees to send her,but has no interest in going himself. So she goes for at least one month or two and he's mad. It goes downhill from there and soon divorce. The marriages I see succeed are with a guy who loves Ukraine and loves to go visit her family. They become a part of her family and act like it.  He LEARNS to speak Russian, studies and deeply understands their culture. You MUST partially LIVE this culture in your every day life and like it,because this culture is in her blood and it will be a part of your house. That includes her language,music,Russian language cinema,food,traditions and so on.

The above makes a lot of sense.
So many men on these dating sites assume the ladies to be a piece of meat, to do with as they please.
Something between a slave and a trophy wife.
Newsflash, they're humans.

So true my friends so true.  But you have to get to know your wife's culture just as she needs to know yours..  You will find that their families are very nice and a lot of fun.  I came to Ukraine and married my wife and stayed.  The best decision I ever made in my life.  I still have my business in the states, but now I live in Kharkiv.  They are very good wives, loving and caring.  Yet heed the advice that you have read from others, until you meet them, they are only a picture on the internet that you write to or if you are lucky to even skype.  Even after you meet them you need to pay attention.  I have heard all of the stories about guys saying they spent two or three years on a relationship only to find out the girl is engaged to a Ukrainian guy to get married.  I have to tell them they never had a relationship.  Until you come and meet her and actually get to know her, be careful.  I am very lucky with my wife and I love her very much every day and I know the feeling is mutual for her also.   We plan upon living here for a long time and visit the states.  But so far, all is good.

Dating sites.  They are very expensive.  You can just google the word Ukrainian Wives and you will find a lot of companies.  Remember, they only want one thing, your money, nothing more.  You are just another person to get money from and it can total into the thousands before you know it.  I will send you a message to help you along.  But please, if I can tell you anything, be very careful.  Until you come and meet her, she is just a picture and a face you write to, nothing else.  But most of all, if you find that love, treat her with respect, be kind to her family and get to know them, it means a lot to them.

Hi there. I'm a girl from Kiev. I just wanna say that a few days ago I've surfed vacancy work sites to find some distant work like copy writing and I got loads of options like writing letters to foreigner men for marriage agencies. They asked to write few sweet introductive sentences. And I think they just put some photos of beautiful girls and then take your money for chatting with her. But u need to realize that most of them r unreal or at least they are paid for talking to you on these sites - about $0,5 for the message and more of that if they talk to you on skype. I don't take such job but I get proposals like that very often. There are a lot of free sites where you can meet someone real or better of that you can meet a girl just in Ukraine. Ukrainian girls really often very nice and good wives but choose a real one and not just for her appearance cause othervise she will be with you for money.

Be careful when joining a Dating Site you will find many Hart Tugging Storeys attracting you to Them it's a Scam Look carefully at emails Sum are working a Scam as many many are word for word   the Same from Two or more Females, a few ago Noticed a Very Good Looking Lady Home had befriended a American so be careful watt you wish For.    I no I been there and don That but I found my Dream 17 November Marred after 20 months I chose this Courting Time as not to Make any Mistakes  marwood47

I read with grate interest at the many blogs, all old one but i guess they still get attention but nothing added to the blog. I have married a Ukrainian woman, almost my age , and she really is an angel, just no wings.
I took the rout of dating agency's, started off at a few a day, then it was 50 , 60, a day. We all like attention but i am no model or film star, so why all the attention, mmmmmmm. First letter free and then pay to read the rest, that's why. For me i was lucky i had a Ukrainian friend who had already told me what life was like there, i had started to learn Ukrainian, thus i found Olia on youtube who gave a lot of information that a lot of people keep secret, or just hide.
There are free sites out there that you pay nothing , and i mean nothing. I as i said have married my angel, from a free dating site, and have learned that 99.9% of Ukraine dating is money making business. I have a few friends including my wife's doughtier that has or are working as dating agent, being payed per letter, etc etc. There are some sites that are 100% straight with you but if you are required to pay for this and that leave it. most if not all lady's have a smart phone, and phones here can take two sim cards, internet is as cheap as chips, and i mean cheap. Wifi is abundant, so you can see its very easy get in contact 24/7 Skype is free so is i messenger. to name a few. so after the introduction if the cost keeps going up and up, with no real contact, leave the site. Language is no longer a barrier as you can use an online translator, and you get on like a house on fire.
Hope you find above a little interesting


I, like a few others here, also met my lady online. I had a bad experience with one website, but I got out before it was too late. I did my research, very very carefully. I did not want to be another heart-breaking story. I initially met my lady through a free site, but we really struggled with the language difference. The difference between Russian and English is too much for online translators to correctly translate and communicate what we wanted to say correctly. So, we decided to use a dating agency.

Of course, these agencies are companies. If anyone has ever been to the offices of these agencies, you will find people actually working there. They have jobs to do, therefore the company has overheads to pay. They need to earn money for the services that they provide. We used the agency for a few months until we met. Online chat, letters, video calls - all with a translator. The agency helped us arrange a meeting in Nikolaev and we got on really well. Neither of us wanted me to leave at the end of my trip.

After I got home, we continued to talk. It was very clear that we wanted to be together and we discussed how it could work. Due to the flexibility of my job, and the better opportunities in Ukraine, we decided to make Nikolaev our home. We stopped using the agency after a couple of weeks and just talked via WhatsApp. I have been learning Russian for over 2 years now and she has been learning English.

I now live in Ukraine. I am engaged to the lady who I met and due to marry later this year; in Ukraine. I love the country, I love the culture and for sure I love her. I have embraced everything about Ukraine. Our life is enriched with both English and Ukrainian influences, and it actually makes for a brilliant life. If foreign men embrace the country and culture like I have, they will find themselves in an amazing place.

Although I have never met anyone who married and divorced a Ukranian lady, I can understand and agree, if the reasons stated are true. In all relationships, we must embrace each other's history and culture. Don't just marry for looks. Marry her for her heart and soul. A Ukrainian woman has been typically bought up in a very traditional way and will love and care for her husband more deeply than those of their Western equivalents.

I agree 100% what you have wrote and could not have said it any better, I am married to my Ukrainian wife and live here in Odessa.Learning Russian and a little Ukrainian. Best wishes to you both.


I have all so marred this November after 20 months of knowing hear and life as changed so much in that time and never look back and say it was wrong to find such a kind loving Lady
We have attempted twice for Visitor Visa to join myself over hear but failed so now going for Family Settlement Visa this June and I am confident of the Success as the past two Visa wear Judge Wrongly in Warsaw the no nothing in respect to many parts of English Rules and Regulations this next Visa will be processed in Sheffield and can trust Them marwood47

Be very careful!!  They may be beautiful on the outside but you never know how they really are.  Too many are after gifts, vacations, money and a lot have Ukrainian boyfriends in the background. Was burned by one big time and learned my lesson. SO BE CAREFUL!!!

That's interesting why people who get success on certain issues never write about it. Personally, I went through all circles of acquaintances and disappointments, I stopped believing in all these sites and non-existent agencies. And then on one of the sites I received a letter. I don't know if it's possible to write someone's site, but it can help someone find their women. My story was long and with an incredibly happy ending. I moved to her and left the business. we built everything from scratch. Do not despair, there are a lot of girls in Ukraine and they are beautiful, but you will learn the real one from far

I've been married to a beautiful Ukrainian woman for around 18 months. She is beautiful, kind, generous and a great mother. However not passive lol.
She has lots of friends that you could talk to, and if you decided you can meet.
I am not a dating site or a match maker. If you talk to any of her friends, my role ends there.
Either way good luck with your search. All I can say is I am very happy.

My wife and kids have Visa for settlement. Also my wife previously had tourist visa. If you need help with Ukrainian visa company I can recomended the company  I used.