Married To Ukrainian Women with Children

This is a very sensitive issue for many people who have married Ukrainian women with Children.  In Ukraine there are either Good Fathers or WORTHLESS Fathers.  The worthless fathers are the ones that appear out of no where and demanding money to sign the papers to allow the child to immigrate from Ukraine to a new country with their mother and her new husband.

There are so many stories that I could relate to you concerning this issue.  The father who has never paid child support, or if he does it is only 200 UAH.  He has never cared about the child, never shown any interest in their lives, education or even their health.  They do not care to see the child or even to visit.  If they do, the child is lucky if they take them to a park to walk and that is it, forget about them feeding the child.  The stories go on and on and on.

I have heard so many stories on how to resolve the issue and it usually involves cash to a worthless, self centered, selfish excuse for a human being.

So how is it resolved.  People have taken different routes besides cash, one is the court system.  If you are familiar to the courts, they lack integrity.  Second is the attorney that you hire to represent you, who is more concerned in taking your cash than resolving the issue.  Last but not least the individual representing the legal system.  Again it costs cash.

After hearing all of the stories, I would love to take all of them to the International Court and prosecute them.  But it is dreaming on my part.  Has anyone been successful?  Does anyone have any advise that you can share to others.  Besides not marrying women with Children.  What good advise can all of you share without making comments that are all to obvious.   $$$$$$$.

I usually get questions concerning this issue at least three to four times a month.  Having a Ukrainian wife is wonderful, I would not want to trade my sweet wife for anything.  But how can we as a community give advise to others who are in this dilemma?

I know not everyone is perfect, but there are many good men out there who have enough love to share with the children of their wives.  It is wonderful to see the love that these children are able to give once they realize they have a father in their lives.

My former boss (a partner in a law firm) faced this problem. He decided to deprive the farther of his parental rights. The process was not pleasant at all, especially for the child, but in this case the child knew what a person his biological farther was.