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The search for housing and the signing of a lease agreement is a very major issue, which has a many traps and pitfalls in fact ...

Dos and Don'ts in Ukraine

Dos in Ukraine

Banks in Ukraine

There are more than 180 banks in Ukraine, totalling more than 21,000 branches.

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Free time in Ukraine

In Ukraine, everything depends on your hobbies and interests as far as free time is concerned. I will write about my city and ...

Accommodation in Ukraine


Many people still think that Ukraine is a part of Russia, but they are soo wrong. Ukraine is one of the biggest states in ...

About Ukraine

Ukraine hosts 230,000-year-old archaeological sites, proven to have been Neanderthal settlements. Ukraine's civilisation dates back to 4800 B.C. when the highly developed civilisations of Trypillian and Scythian were thriving in the area.

The history and culture aficionado expat will perfectly fit in in Ukraine, which is an unlimited source of knowledge and art. From museums and cathedrals, such as the Saint Sophia in Kiev, to catacombs, theatres, and the ancient Greek colony of Chersonesus, there's a lot to discover in this uncommon expat destination.

Expats who love the outdoors will also find happiness in Ukraine thanks to the 50 plus national nature parks, which altogether cover about 11,000 square kilometres of protected area. However, not every month of the year is a good time to explore the country's natural beauty (unless you undertake skiing). In the north, the winters can be heavy with temperatures averaging five degrees Celsius below zero.

The inventor of the gas-lamp and the manufacturer of the world's biggest plane, Ukraine is home to manufacturing, fuel, and construction industries. Other opportunities for employment can be found in the teaching English field, as the English language isn't very much used outside of the tourism sector.

Quick Information

Capital : Kiev
Official Languages : Ukrainian , Russian , Polish , Hungarian
Currency : Hryvnia
Area : 603700 Km2
Population : 45415596
Calling Code : +380

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