How to buy a car in the Ukrain

hello all

Ive got a question.
I want to buy a car in the Ukraine and drive it back to the netherlands. What documents do i need to gett cross the Ukrain border into Poland or Slovakia?
I want to buy a old Lade 2104 and export drive it to the Netherlands and gett it on dutch plates.
Do i also need to pay export tax, becaus i need to pay in the netherlands import tax.

thank you!!

Hi Stefan.
To buy a car in Ukraine, you should get Ukrainian ID-code. That is the first problem. Without this document the notary couldn't register the car on your name.
After buying a car and having registration you should go to the police office for having car number. In police office you could have detailed information on crossing the border. As I know you shouldn't pay any additional taxes.

All the process is long term and it could take several weeks for you to buy a car.

Hello Tesorero

Thank you for the information! This really helps.

Is there a way to gett a Ukraine-ID to register it? Becaus know i only have a Dutch Paspoort.

Can you mebay explain me how i can gett all the proper documens to legal buy a car and bring it to holland. I go in mid august on holyday so i hope i will gett it all sortert out to gett my Lada

So i'm not allowed without the Ukraine-ID to buy a car from a seller and drive the car the same day to the border and show the officer the papers that i bought the car and cross into poland or slovakia Right? Becaus they will stop me at the border and then I got big problems right?

thank you already! Дякуе😁

Well, it is possible to get Ukarainian ID.
You should go to the tax inspection with the copy of your passport translated into Ukrainian and fill the form with the information about you.
As a rule it takes 5-7 working days to get Ukarainian ID-code.
And you are right, without Id code you couldn't register the car on your name.
Step-by-step way is:
1. Get Ukrainian Id code.
2. Buy a car and register purchase-sale agreement in legal office (notary registration).
3. Go to police service center to get technical passport on you car and ukrainian car number.

May be it will be easy to find legal office in the city, where you plan to buy a car and they could help you to prepare all needed documents and speed-up the process.

oke this was really usefull information!
I already started to look up how to gett Ukraine id. and i found some of those agencys/companies who can gett you a Ukraine-id.
I still have some time left so i gonna do alot of research.
About what you said in which city, I wanna buy the car in Odessa becaus first i'm in lviv and i dont want to drive from lviv to odessa and then back to the Netherlands. so i gues it will be Odessa.
I'm gonna try look up a notary and send them a mail so mebay they can tell if they can help me.

Thank you so mutch for your info!😁

also i forgot. is it possible to register for Ukrain id code in Lviv and then pick it up in Odessa? and wil i gett diffrent licence plate or just normale ukrainen

I think, there is no problem if you get ID code in Lviv and buy a car in Odessa. But please note, that when you get the ID-code, you should give the information of your address in Ukraine (place where you stay). So if you you have Lviv registration it is possible that in documents on the car will be your Lviv address.

o good to know! didn't know about the documents.
I did what you said and contacted a official office about my problem. They are trying to gett all possibileties with ID. When i'm in lviv and in odessa we rent a house. so that could be a option. only problem is i stay in both places max 7days. This could be the biggest problem i think becaus of the law 5-7days(counting also the weekend).
I was thinking about the option of when the ask where is the living adress i should say in Odessa instead of Lviv.

Thank you allot again!😁

Stefan, some extra advices, may be they will be useful for you:
1. Try to stady the market to understand the market price on your car. There are several web sites (unfortunately on Russian), where you could study the prices. For example this one:
2. It is normal for Ukraine to check the car in the auto service before buying. It will help you to avoide technical problems.

thank you, I already compare websites.
Russian is no problem i can read russian😁
O about the service station is a good one didnt know this.
I now contacted the dutch embassy in the ukrain.
becaus ukrain ambassy in holland cant help me.

thanks voor this usefull info

At the moment the biggest problem for me is getting  Ukraine Taxcode. I called notarys in the ukraine and they all tell me they can't help me becaus i'm not in the Ukrain at the moment.
I think my best option is to go in first day of my holiday to a official notary and ask for a Tax code, i got a adress in lviv then.
When you go to notary will they send you papers after asking for Tax-code? or is it just like registrering and no recieving of documents becaus i fear ot will take one or two days to long. becaus of 5-7day rule.


Hello Tesorero

I've got some positive news.
I found a Notary in the Ukraine who will provide me a TAX-Code while i'm in the Netherlands.
I also got my passport translated into Ukraine.
So the 2 biggest problems are solved.
I really want to thank you allot for the info you provided me.
I'm now trying to sort out if there will be some more problems where i will walk into.
I don't hope so but i know the posibility might be there.

Thanks again:D

Hi Stefan.
It is good to hear such positive news. It is possible, that there will be problems and questions during the registration in police service office, but I couldn't predict them.
I hope everything will be fine and you'll get your new car soon :)

A other update:

I recieved my Tax-ID at my house in The Netherlands. I told the company(CLC Consulting) why i wanted to buy this car and needed the Tax-ID. He was so exited after hearing that i wanted to buy a car and bring it back to my own country, that they are 100% helping me with al the extra's i need for free and getting the car across the border. They told me I will be one of the first to export a car from the UA to NL. Normaly its Import, but now its for once export.
So it will be suceeding this summer:)

Thanks for all your help.
Mebay other people will try this also

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Hi Stephan
Hope, you are fine.
It's almost end of August. Have you already bought a car in Ukraine or decided not to buy?
Just interesting.


I'm fine what about you?
Thanks for asking:)
I'm already back from the Ukraine and decided to huy the car around April/May, The reason is that i found a house an needed my money for this.
But i have great news abput the documents!
I have got the TAX card and all the other documents for buying a car. So around April/May I will go to Kiev to open a Bank account and I will go back home with the car:)
I want to go and save money on my Ukraine bank account and hope that I can go and life in the Ukraine after 30years and enjoy this bueatifull country.

Thanks for sharing the interest!

Curious, why would you buy a car in Ukraine where prices are generally higher then in any EU country? You as a citizen of another country can drive in Ukraine for 1 year without any requirements for registration. You can then leave and come back for another year and so on.

As i understand, Stephan wants a particular car--old Lada 2104.

thats right, thr car is here not for sale and if you found one you will pay allot of money!
In Ukraina you have allot more choices.

Hello Stefan

I am hoping to buy a ZAZ 968 in Ukraine for the same reason that you got your Lada as they are available and cheaper than you can get in the rest of Europe.

I was just wondering if you had any tips for me as you have gone though the whole process now?? I live in the England so I am hoping to fly out to Kiev, purchase the car and then drive it back home and get it UK registered.

What time frame do you think I could do this in, do I have to; personally get a tax ID, after buying the car visit a legal office to register the purchase-sale agreement, then go to the police services center to get a technical passport and Ukrainian car number.

From reading this thread it seems like you found a notary was this via CLC and did you have your own tax code or did you use theirs?

So I am just asking whether you could take me though your full Ukrainian car export journey, as it would be really helpfull!!! This blog seems to be the only place on the internet answering the car export question as all the other are about importing into Ukraine.

Thank you very much!!!!

Hi V4streamer.
As I understand, Stefan didn't buy the car yet. He plans to buy it on April/May. But he has  already Ukrainian ID-code.

V4streamer, I can not believe that you also want to buy a Zaz 968 from the Ukraine as this is also what I am hoping to do! Infact, my girlfriend and I were hoping to buy not only a Zaz 968 but also a Gaz 66 truck, and drive both of them back in a little convoy. Maybe this is something we could do together? I am also trying to find out the full process involved in buying the vehicles in the Ukraine and driving them across the border into Poland (EU) and then back to the UK. (preferably before Brexit finally happens - although I doubt we are in too much of a rush on that front!) Anyway, if any other people here have any ideas or information regarding this process, it would be very helpful.

many thanks!

:) you could join together with other speakers of this topic and make big convoy. It will be interesting two Vaz-2104, two Zaz 968 (Zaporozhets) and one truck Gaz 66. And the total price of all cars will be less than 10 000 USD.


Just wanted to ask if any of you did it in the end? Did you managed to buy a car in Ukraine and export it to the EU?

I'm looking into it to do something similar. I want to buy a Zhiguli (Lada) 2103 from Ukraine and import it to the UK.

If any of you could share the process I would really appreciate it.


Hi there
This is a odd one , but if you are really really set on it, its quiet easy, but costly
1. Find the car. normal price about 3 to 4 k USD.
2. go with current owner and register it with the police as a change of ownership.
(You will need an address to register it too) and you will need a residency card. Be it temporary or permanent. You could get a friend too do it, and get then to give you the Car registration card. All very messy though.
3. If your going to drive it to UK , you will need top insurance, and green card cover to cover it for all the country's you are going to travel through. Very expensive.
Another way would be to use a chipping company like … d-ukraine.

But its not going to be cheap. However this car is very popular in Poland. And like UK . you can buy the car and drive it to UK providing you get get green card insurance . Once in the UK, you need to declare it and get a Q plate issued, and then take it to a DVLA testing and inspection . Where they will take the details of the car for UK plate. Tcan take 6 months. Its very long winded, and you may not be able too drive it till its identification has been confirmed. look at this to see more … n-numbers.

In short a car worth 100 pound in UK could cost you 6k and upwards .

good luke

I very well know the UK side of the import. I'm doing this day in day out for about 7 years, I work at a shipping company and being over 30 years old classic car is getting classed as a historic vehicle so no testing required and the whole procedure is quite simple (at least for me) I just didn't know how things are in Ukraine for the export procedure.

If I don't want to drive it across Europe into UK but instead transporting it, is it the same procedure do I have to register the ownership on my name in Ukraine or I can simply put it on a trailer and with the vehicle registration document on the sellers name and a bill of sale take it out from the country or will I have trouble at the border?

Thank you!

Hi there

Two years ago i did know somebody who did it, but i am not 100% sure, but i will cheack over the next few days for you.