Getting from Dnepropetrovsk Airport to Zaporozhye

Anyone have any information that I cannot find online about the best way to get from DNK airport to Zaporozhye Center? I have seen different things that are not exactly clear and range from people saying they paid too much and had a bad experience. I imagine the best idea - cost wise - is to take a bus from the airport to DNK center and transfer to another bus to ZAP.

Does anyone have any specific information on how to do this / where to go?

In Kiev I know it is a bus from BSP to the railway station where you transfer buses. Is it primarily the same in most cities that have an airport and railway station?


It is very easy all you need to do is get a taxi from the DNK Airport to the main city Bus stop(known as Auto vokzal)from there you can buy ticket to Zap.
If you want to travel by Train you need taxi which will take you to DNK railway station(known as VOKZAL)buy a ticket to ZAP or you can buy ticket of train which travels through Zap.
if you need help i mean timing of Buses or trains from DNK to Zap i can find it for you.

Hi. I would certainly take any bus schedule information you might have available if it is not too much trouble. It would be a week-day, specifically Friday afternoon around 1700 or 1800.


Bus from DNP to Zap-----> departure from Dnp auto vokzal at 17.55
Arrival at Zap 19.30.this Bus is available everyday and costs 36Grn(4.50$).
i hope this information was helpful for you.

Thanks so much for the information! Quite helpful. Now if only the airline would stop changing arrival and departure times!


And from DNK airport you can take a taxi route 60,so you'll get to DNK railway station,the "Avtovokzal" is not far away.Well,you know,it's good if the taxi driver is a decent person and won't circle around the city ;) So when you're in front of the airport,just turn left,you'll see the buses because # 60 is the only bus in the airport lol And one more advantage,you won't need say smth,the railway station is the last stop :) A ticket costs 3 hryvnias,it's less than half a dollar lol
Good luck!

the best is to go to local bustops and ask if the bus is going there and if the driver says no just ask him if he happens to know which bus no goes there that way you wont spend more than 5 grivnas to your destination
nb:there is always a bus to all destinations.

The drive from Zaparoghia to Dnieperetrosk is only about 45 miles.  Why not just take a taxi from the airport to Zaparoghia?  It should not cost more than $25 US and the driver will take you exactly were you want to go.  A bus would be cheaper, but less pleasant.  Plus, you must know the language and to be able to identify the correct bus.  Bus drivers do not speak English.  Taxi drivers, especially at airports,  usually speak some basic English.


I am looking to go from Dnepropetrovsk Airport to Pavlohrad, which is about 90 Km from the Airport ( google maps).  I wanted to get an idea of Taxi rates and if anyone can recommend a good reliable taxi service.

I got quoted a rate of $100 which seem pretty high. Even if the driver has to go back. 

Any help would be much appreciated with regards to what I should expect as far as taxi rates and if you have a link or number for a good English speaking driver, even better!

Much appreciated.


You do not say how far Pavlohrad is from Dneiperpatrosk, but if the distance in less than 150 miles, $100 for the fare does seem high.  At the airport you should be able to "negotiate" with different drivers to obtain the best price.  Do not let on that you are an American, or you will pay more.  Best to let a local "negotiate" for you.


I'm an American and I just take the marshrutka everywhere. It's cheap and they are on time. WAY cheaper than taxi.

keith841 :

I'm an American and I just take the marshrutka everywhere. It's cheap and they are on time. WAY cheaper than taxi.

You are 100% right.Marshrutka THE PRIDE OF UKRAINE:lol:

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Dear Mr. Bundy,
I am planning a trip to Zap. and need the bus schedule from Dnp to Zap, because I have not yet booked a flight.

What is the "Marshrutka"? I just noticed a post that taking a taxi to Zap from Dnp " should only be about $25.00" and the taxi driver would speak English and I would get to the Platinum hotel sooner than taking a bus or the "Marshrutka.".


If you want the microbus then take the 109 from the airport (stop is to your right as you exit the airport but across the parking lot). You will go through Topol 3,2,and 1. Get off in front of Varus (Terra). Walk a little way up the street to the Zap. Highway (You can tell it is a highway, it has lines and everything). There is a bus stop right on the cornor (Front corner of the Epicenter parking lot). There you can catch the bus to Zap. (About an hour ride).

Bring UAH, 3 UAH for the ride from the airport, not sure on the ride to ZAP (but not much).

Online checkout There you can find the schedules.

Goof luck to you.

Do anyone here know a name or web-site of Taxi service that I can use to get from Dnepropetrovsk Airport to Zaporozhye. I have a trip  plan for the first week in July and have everything setup but my travel to the Hotel in Zaporozhye from Dnepropetrovsk Airport?  :dumbom:

Why are you not taking help of good airport transfer facility? They will suggest you everything from pickup points to hotels or you can refer [link moderated: No advertising on the forum please] for good support

my brother i will go to Ukraine on this Wednesday (10.05.2015) but i worry about that i dont know Ukrainian and i scary to get lost with my English could you help me?

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