Driving an foreign car to and in Ukraine.

Hi everybody. :)
I will be returning to Ukraine later in the year and was wondering if anyone has driven over the border in a foreign registered car, I would like to know is it possible still to buy insurance once I have crossed the border into Ukraine, do I need an international driver's licence, the one I have cover's the rest of Europe but it says nothing about Ukraine. Ihave driven many times in Ukraine so I'm used to the roads and how people drive there.
I would be grateful for anyone who has driven to Ukraine recently in a foreign registered car preferably an English registered cat who can give me any advice, also which border crossing is the quietest and less demanding.
I have searched the internet but most information is over four years old. I am not going to keep the car in Ukraine it will be for a few months only.
Thanks for any help.


You can drive on Your car for two month without any problems. If more You need to registrate.
If it'll be only for two months You can across the border whenever You want. In that case it doesn't matter.

Feel free to ask!

The Information Valyazh just left is not correct!
You are allowed to keep your car on the territory of Ukraine for 12 months.
Yes you can buy Insurance just as you get across the border for minimum of 1 month cost will depend upon engine size but expect to pay around 250 UAH for 1 month.
As for your driving licence they won't ask to see it only your passport and the V5 document if it is a british car.
If your driving licence is a British licence then it will be fine and will be accepted anywhere in Ukraine, it is best to avoid most of the Polish crossings as they can be very busy, try the Slovakian or Hungarian crossings they are much quicker.
I have lost count on how many times I have crossed with a car so I believe this information is correct.
Hope this helps

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