Drivers License in Ukraine?

Hello. Im living in Lviv now, and i need a drivers license... How? need some help :/

The easiest way is to go to DAI (traffic police) and ask them. The other two options are to sit and read the law; and to ask someone. But this someone always does not know for sure or his/her information may be out of date. Thus it is better to read the law or just to visit DAI and ask there.

I have a valid  us state of Michigan divers license . I have heard I also need a international  license to drive in Ukraine . Any truth to this ?  Thanks

Yes, you need an international drivers license to drive any where in Europe. I'm not sure if you would also need one if you are a US government representative but as a civilian you do need an International Drivers License. The only place you can get one is through AAA in the USA. The drivers license is good for one year. If yo should be stopped by the police or if you do something wrong and they ask for your drivers license then you will surrender the international drivers license and not your state license. If you rent a car in Ukraine they will also ask you for your state drivers license. If you are a permanent resident of Ukraine things change. I'm not sure, but I would think you will need a Ukraine drivers license. I'll be finding that out soon enough.

dear Tom M60  thanks  much for the info   Your a life saver !!! Scuba bill

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