Any honest taxis companies in Odessa?

I'll be moving there this Spring. Are there any taxi companies that use meters without asking?

Honestly, I don't think so. Show them that you have a GPS, and always keep small bills (they conveniently never have change). Also, if you get a local to call the taxi for you, it will be half the price (but then finding a trustworthy local is another matter itself)

And I'm planning to move to Odessa this spring!  Doesn't sound too encouraging. Do you mind giving me your phone number?

+380959337170 or you can reach me on skype and oovoo if you prefer.

My wife is Ukrainian so I shouldn't have too much trouble ordering taxis :-)
Thanks for your reply. I'll be in Odessa next month. I'll give you a call,  I assume you're name is Sean.

Yes...honestly, I think you're crazy, but anyhow...good luck.

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