Driving in Ukraine ?

I'm a Bahraini living in Ukraine, student. And got a Bahraini driving license of course, can i drive in Ukraine with it ??

You will need an International Driving Permit in Ukraine. Alternatively, you can apply for a Ukraine driving licence by exchanging your Bahrain driving licence.

You may also want to check with the the Traffic Police Office about the possibility of using your Bahrain licence on Ukraine roads.

Hope this helps

I would say it is not possible to exchange your foreign licence for a Ukr one - only way is to take the test but you need to know the language so that is a big problem. As for me, i use my UK licence which is not International so maybe use the one you have and play dumb if you get stopped.Sandy

You will need to get a international drivers permit . AAA has these in USA . About 15.00 and good for a year !! Plus your drivers permit from your home country !! I would also get insurance !! This could be costly !! Learn a little Russian and use bus and trains !! If you are in a big city like Kiev or Dnper you can usually find a student that knows some English that might help you with Bus or train timetables !! If you do not know language at least a little Russian I would advise not driving in Ukraine !! And stay out of the east !!!

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