hi, everyone out there,
my name is Sharon and I live in Shelton, CT. USA with my husband Sam. We both garden so we're planning on
visiting Odessa, in 2017. Our future goal is to buy some land in the Ukraine. Sam is 66 years old, I'm 58 years old.
How often are the flights to the USA? If everything goes according to plan we are going to visit the USA, yearly we still
have relatives in the USA. I am of Ukrainian descent. We need to know the recommend way to travel from Bucharest,
Romania to Odessa. Ukraine. What are the taxes like? The banks and finance? Is there bed and breakfasts there?
What is the internet like?
                                                                      Sharon and Sam

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internet dirt cheap and very fast. Taxes would be low by western standards, although if you borrow money from a bank to buy property , the interest rate is quite high.
i live in Odessa, pop in and visit when you come.

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