Question about car overwriting as a foreigner.

Hello expat users,

We come to Ukraine every year, we even have our own house here.
Now is my question, we have bought a car 2 years ago. there was a problem to overwrite the car to our names because we don't have an ukrainian citizenship. We know an ukrainian guy who helped to build our house, so like 17 more ukrainian friends. So we put the car on his name with our name next to the ownership. But technically it's his car!

this holiday we want to buy a new car. Ukraine changes a lot every year we visit. I want to know is it possible for foreigner people to write the car on their name. Because of that I also want to buy a car to bring it to my home country. Everytime I see a Lada here in the Netherlands, I get a nostalgia ;)

Yours sincerely,


Hi Zavin, I don't know, why the people from Netherlands like so much old soviet Lada :)
Stefan asked about it several month ago in this topic.

I think in August, he will buy a car here. May be, if everything will be fine, he could give you some advise.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate, just ask.

Thank you very much, I will certainly do!


Hi Zavin,

This is still correct. A foreigner cannot own a car in Ukraine.

I am English and my partner is Ukrainian. In April, we went to buy a car in Ukraine, however, I could not register the car in my name. It had to go in her name. It is the same case with the insurance policy too.

The only way around this is to obtain a residency permit. Once a foreigner is registered as a resident of Ukraine, then they can own a car etc...

I hope this helps!

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