Traveling to Ukraine in the next 1-4 months

If anyone travelled recently from the USA, what recommendations would you provide. Companies for booking accommodations, or best route to take. Thank you for your responses.

If anyone travelled recently from the USA, what recommendations would you provide. Companies for booking accommodations, or best route to take. Thank you for your responses.

I would avoid travelling there until the war has ended, and when that is, that's anyone's guess.

@SimCityAT Thank you, but that is not an entertainment trip.

Well, it's just about to get messy. The USA, Germany and the UK sending the top-of-range tanks with other countries on standby. The country is not safe.

Only this month two British nationals were killed while attempting a "humanitarian evacuation" from the Ukrainian town of Soledar.

@SimCityAT I understand. I may need to stay in the capital for possibly 2-5 weeks, not sure exactly.

I recently traveled to Kiev from the States to check on our house in Kiev and also see my step son fighting in the front.  We arrived to Warsaw and took a bus to Lviv. From there, took a train to Kiev. It is also possible to use the bus directly to Kiev from Warsaw.  Expect a long wait at the border.

I don't recommend anyone going to Ukraine unless it is absolutely necessary.

There is a rumor Russians will have a major attack again in Feb or March.

It is easy to become a collateral damage.

@SimCityAT I understand. I may need to stay in the capital for possibly 2-5 weeks, not sure exactly.

Your government State Department has a travel advisory for all US nationals looking to Ukraine, "Do not travel to Ukraine due to Russia's full-scale invasion."  This link will take you straight to the State Department's website for up-to-date information.

Update: Countries sending tanks

  • UK
  • USA
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Finland

@Gregorypak Could you please share if you booked your bus tickets in advance before leaving the states (and what site or resources you have used), or if you purchased it at the bus station once you arrived there.

Also were there any pandemic requirements asked at any airline/point of entry to any country, or all of these were removed. I have not traveled in a few years, so not sure what is needed at that time, and what are best resources to check on that. Thank you.

Also were there any pandemic requirements asked at any airline/point of entry to any country, or all of these were removed. I have not traveled in a few years, so not sure what is needed at that time, and what are best resources to check on that. Thank you.

Only COVID restrictions/tests are for those coming from China.

@SimCityAT Thank you.



I saw your post from January this year.  Since you have traveled to and from Kyiv could you help me with information regarding travel to Ukraine during this conflict please?

I am an American citizen living in Florida.  My fiance is in Poltava.  We have known each other and been together in Poltava several times and have traveled many times in the past several years.  We will not sit by and just wait until the war ends to be together.  I would like to know from your experience what I can expect regards my entry into Ukraine and how to travel to Poltava?  Are Ukrainian citizens restricted from leaving the country if they are between 18-50?  We want to marry and would like to do so in Poltava.  We feel best to do so and get her visa started as soon as possible since it has been over 24 months since our last meeting.  Yes there is a war going on.  I receive info from many sources as to the latest regards the missile strikes and rocket attacks as well as all conflict areas.  I am former US military.  I look forward to your advice and assistance.  Thank you.  Alan


Good day.

I'm french and not a new born, with a lot of foreign experience travel in post and conflict area, and travelling in UA since several years, and even during those difficult time…

I travel anywhere in the country (except in occupied territories of course) by bus and train but also motorcycle.

I'm actually in Kyiv, coming from Kharkiv today by motorcycle, passing in Poltava (I slept there 4 days ago without problem at the soviet type hotel  ‘'Tourist Hotel'').

As long as you don't go too close from the front line you will be safe.

The rest of the message above are literacy (sorry guys…;))

But as US citizen you might have issues with your Embassy, you should enquire with them I guess.

I usually fly from France to Warsaw, and then I take the night train to Kyiv (book in advance on Polrail, you can get a cabin with 1, 2, 4 bed… and it's not expensive, then bus or train (I suppose the train stop in Poltava as it goes to Kharkiv next). I never try this way, only motocycle for Poltava and Kharkiv.

Enjoy your trip)))


PS: for my fiance, I will not hesitate… I will have gone there already )))


Thank you very much for your information.  I greatly appreciate hearing from you who has actually traveled in Ukraine and is in Kyiv as well.  What you described is about what I was thinking was possible. Travel by bus or train was what I was thinking would be the way to go.  I keep very informed with the war and what the orcs on a daily basis are sending by way of missiles everywhere.   I will definitely keep in mind the "Tourist Hotel".  Every time I traveled before my fiance took care of the accommodations.  She is now checking at her end to see if her past sources may have room to rent yet.  With the war I know there is a lot of people who now are staying in Poltava being displaced from the conflict zones.  She is also worried that lately alerts have been sounding for people to go to shelter with the missiles flying God knows where.  Fortunately Poltava has been spared any hits from anything in the city and surrounding area.  I like that you flew into Warsaw and then went to Kyiv and then I could take the train to Poltava.  Do you speak Russian or Ukrainian?  How did you manage with knowing where you were going and when you arrived where you wanted to go?  For me I think that is my greatest challenge.  What do you experience when crossing the border into Ukraine?  Warnings or questions why and what you will be doing in Ukraine?  Requiring a destination address or contact?  I will definitely check with the American embassy regarding any actual restrictions they may be placing on me.  I know that of course they do not recommend travel to Ukraine but I do not think they are forbidding it yet.

I hear you about why have I not went there yet.  It is complicated of course.  But we can not just wait until this war ends.  Who the hell knows that?  From what I know so far Ukraine has placed a travel restriction upon its citizens 18-50 can not leave the country.  So that restricts her from meeting me outside of Ukraine.  Our intentions are to marry in Poltava, makes sense anyway as her family and friends can attend which I want as well.  Then get the visa rolling.  I also have friends in Kyiv which I would enjoy seeing again.


Hi Alan,

Glad I can help, we have the military things in common… that's probably why our approach is different than pure civilian. We probably assess pro and con, risk and what we are ready to accept differently.

It's not a criticism, it's factual and in that sense I feel closer to the humanitarian volunteer, or professional that are working in such country.

The shelling threat? I was in Kharkiv a few days ago during the last major shelling over the country, yes I heard the alert, and?… I was too comfortable under the quilt! It would be interesting to get statistics, like what is the most dangerous means of transport between airplane and cars, which is well none and factual. I'm confident that risk to be hit by a missile is less than crossing on a pedestrian crossing))

Language? I don't speak any of them, except the basic hello and thank you… but I know I have to start learning Ukrainian but at over 60 it's a different challenge for me )). When I need, I use translation App on my iPhone like Reverso premium which work fine French-Ukrainian-French, and same with English. So there is no real issues with the language.

Where I'm, where to go… well, I'm not shy, I ask to people. Train are very timely so I know when I'm at destination, and in doubt again, I ask.

Crossing the border? I never had problem as E.U. Passport holder. Airplane, train, bus and motorcycle, never had any issues. When I cross 3 weeks ago between Krakow and Lviv by motorcycle it took me less than an hour to accomplish the formalities, including the purchase of my Ukrainian vehicle insurance. The immigration officer just ask me if I was carrying guns in my bags… I said no, and that was it. The fact that I'm travelling with an Harley Davidson Electra Glide overloaded with waterproof bags might be the reason ))

Last year I cross south of Ukraine to reach Odessa and it was the same. Same with checkpoint…

Citizen between 18 and 50? I think this is only applicable for men. My friend travelled from Kharkiv with her son last month to Germany and Italia and she didn't had any issues leaving Ukraine.

All the best with your mariage, it's for sure the easiest way to get resident permit.


Thanks again Max.

We are brothers in our thinking.

I like you.  I too have enjoyed riding my bike and exploring.  My fiance her name is Svetlana however is not as excited to travel by bike.  But not important to me at my age.  I do love a nice sports car with the top down.  Nice to stay warm and dry in foul weather.    LOL

You have been highly helpful.  I will decide with Svetlana as to how and when now.  November I have time and good to go before winter sets in.  I will keep you posted.

Good travels to you Max!


You can book accommodation on I also recommend traveling by train, both within the country and from neighboring countries to Ukraine. This will be faster and safer.

Hello again Max.  Alan from Florida, USA.

How are you?  I hope you are well and life is good for you.

Can I ask you again for your experience traveling into Ukraine and out again please?

My fiance and I are now preparing for her to travel to Warsau hopefully end of April.  I know you have told me of your past experience using the train and then I think a bus to get to Warsaw after crossing the border from Ukraine.  I want to help my fiance to feel confident and know what exactly she needs to best do to make the needed connections in her travel from Poltava.  I know you said she would need to switch trains at the border because of the different track system between Poland and Ukraine.  That there would be a 6 hour delay at that point.  Then does the Polish train go directly to Warsaw?  Or is there a need to take a bus at some point?  You also mentioned using Polrail to book the train.  I suppose that is for the Polish train system correct?  Can my fiance also use Polrail to schedule the train from Poltava?

I understand it is a long journey.  Do you feel there may be a need for her to get a hotel room at any point in her travel?  What do you know of the border blockages going on with the protests?  My fiance has told me that Ukrainian's are not receiving good treatment in Poland presently.  So she has some concerns for her safe travel because of this. 

Also are you open for you and I to better communicate using "What's App" or "Telegram"?  I have accounts with both.

Thank you Max for your kind assistance.


Hello Alan,

Yes, it would be easier on Telegram, Signal or Whatsapp.

I have only traveled by train from Warsaw to Kyiv and return... I did mention the bus for the leg from Poltava to Kyiv, but there is train too, it's the railway Kharkiv, Poltava... to Kyiv

I think the 6hrs at the border is when you travel by bus (I also heard that from Ukrainian collegues) but I never had such delay as I was on bike... (1hr max for me).

Polrail is the website to purchase the ticket, you have a dedicated page for international travel and you select you city of departure and arrival... select the train (I like the 22:40hrs train, 1 change in Chelm and arrival in Warsaw, a lot of Ukrainian ladies are using this one, she wont be alone).

Here is the link:

I was at the Kyiv railway station for a departure of a friend 2 days ago, many ladies are travelling to Warsaw...


Thank you for your reply.  I will pass this along to my Svetlana.  I hope you are doing well my friend.