Spouse visa rejected Emb of Ukraine in Algeria

I got married to a Ukrainian citizen two years ago in Algeria, we passed through difficult ways in order to have our marriage approved, we had an interview, some checking of both of us in different authorities, my wife is visiting me from time to time,
a while ago, I applied for visa D-13 (spouse visa ) " family reunification with Ukrainian" multi-entry more than 90 days.
a few days ago, I got a refusal letter from the embassy of Ukraine in Algeria, and the reason is " Purpose of stay isn't confirmed "  a month later I reapplied for the same type of visa, again I got the same refusal letter, I was shocked by that.
I applied with original marriage certificate legalized in the MFA ..etc and meet all the requirements, I really don't know why I was refused since we have all legal.
so what is that mean? could someone please tell me if there are similar cases?

Thank you

Hi Azzedine.

This situation must be very frustating for you.Try contacting the embassy and ask them what they mean by 'Purpose of stay isn't confirmed'.

Best of luck.
Expat.com Team :)

I went to the embassy and ask many times, but the consul keeps saying the decision comes from UKRAINE,
the consul was so rude the way he talks to me.

May be, you should write on the e-mail of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Describe your situation and ask them about your next steps.
According to their web-site you should write at the address: cons_vvp[at]mfa.gov.ua

Your marriage sertificate issued in Ukraine? If it is issued not in Ukraine it should be translated into Ukrainian or English language and duly legalized.

Thanks, Tesorero
well, I am making the letter of complaint to send it to the MFA hopefully to get some clear answer.
my marriage was issued in Algeria and translated into English and Ukrainian. legalized in the MFA.

Hope, you'all find the solution. By the way, I have read, that Ukraine began the cooperation with Visa-center in Algeria in the end of June. May be it will be easier to give documents through this center?

Yes I thought the same but in the website of the embassy it's clearly mentioned that the decision of the visa is taken only by the consul.  So the VFS center is just for gathering the package of documents.

Yes they are very thorough . They must have found something in your record . You may need to  check the Algerian side of things . Maybe your government did not give you the reference you would have liked .  Good luck .


I am American and wife is Ukrainian. We plan to retire in Ukraine once we are ready.

I read elsewhere that the best way to go is to apply for temporary Visa for 1 year, and do that two times for a total of 2 years, then apply for the permanent visa.  You may want to rethink your approach.



I know it's an old message, but I was wondering if you managed to get the visa? I am Ukrainian and my husband is Egyptian, and we had the same issue. His D visa got denied and when we appealed, they rejected that too. We had the proper marriage certificate and we also have a 1-year-old son, who is also a Ukrainian citizen. Hope you were able to get the visa.

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