Req. to drive in Ukraine as US citizen with Temporary Residence Permit

Hi,Does anyone here know the requirements to operate a motor vehicle in Ukraine as a US citizen with a Temporary Residence Permit?I have gone to DMV a few times, but answers vary.   I was told that I can drive in Ukraine if I get an International drivers license by DMV.  "USA was not a signing party of the Vienna convention of 1968, therefore one would need to have an IDP to operate a vehicle in UA. , point 30"I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this?Appreciated,Greg

Even AAA is confused 1f625.svg

On homepage, AAA says interamerican driving license is required in Ukraine (see 3 asterisks). On AAA form, it says that IDP is honored...

You will be fine. As long as you have a valid (current) US, UK or EU driving licence plus a foreign passport or residence permit when the police stop you (as they will about once per day when driving past checkpoints) you will be politely thanked after a cursory glance at your documents. When crossing the border, the same. They almost never ask for my driving licence, just passport and car ownership document. Do get local (cheap) Ukrainian car insurance when you have crossed into the country (buy it online or google an office near your hotel).There are tens of thousands of foreign citizens driving across Ukraine volunteering and the Police have neither the time or the desire to check the technical requirements of each driving permit. If you are worried check here … the%20link

I got a ticket in Kivograd oblast for driving without a license with a valid US drivers license and temporary residence permit. 

Your situation may be different because you are from UK if I understand correctly, UK and Ukraine both are parties to the Vienna convention, meaning that drivers license is recognized in each other countries.  USA is not a member of the Vienna convention, which means I may need to get an IDP or IDL. 

Sorry all for being away , but been busy popping to Odesa , Poland and back to UK.

Driving in Ukraine is a no brainer, if you do it correctly .

You need Full Driving licence,

International driving permit. (UK its £5 from AA and post office. Valid one year)

Green card insurance, most UK insurers will cover Ukraine for a day or month subject to there limitations )

as James says above , get local insurance when you arrive. (cheap as chips ) Although as James says the Police are a bit busy to check in detail, best also to cover your Rear with.

Covid cover, and medical insurance for €20,000. if you do not have TRP or PRP nothing will be free for you.

Taking Pounds is the best deal at the moment, Cash in any exchange shop but look around, the difference can be a lot, dont try and give damaged notes they will almost certainly refuse to take it exchange rate 24/06/2023 from Odesa exchange is 47.65 UAH  the rate during the war has been around 45 most days. All cards work as normal. Best way to send money to your self from friends in an emergency is WISE.

hope that helps a little

It may be no brainer for someone with UK citizenship, but it is not for USA citizen.  I am asking about requirements to drive in Ukraine as a USA citizen.


all that applies to UK also applies to a USA citizen , the international DL is not required, this has been dropped. follow this link and it will tell toy what you need to bring with you and how long you can us it in Ukraine. in short over 2 months you need to register it at local office. normally main police station. … ibno-znati

If you intend to stay on a TPR be it as a volunteer, church , etc etc. You will not be able to swap it for a Ukrainian one. You will need to go through a testing station etc etc

Incorrect.  Please do not give incorrect information to others as they can get a ticket as I did. 

Per Ukraine law, , point 30 stipulates that a valid driver's and the presence of an international driver's license have permission to drive on the territory of Ukraine in cases where the foreign license does not meet the requirements of the International Convention of Road Traffic 1968.  The USA did not sign this agreement, so an IDP OR IDL I don't know which, is required. 

I believe UK did sign this 1968 document, so UK drivers license is valid in Ukraine. 



Thank you for your reply. Firstly the information supplied is correct as of the regulation, change for marshal law. my son in law works for the Road Police in Kyiv ( ГАИ ) the link you have, ascertains to the 1993  regs.

If you took your time to read the information supplied to you , it does state its advisable to take an IDL. even though the requirement was dropped .I live in Ukraine and have done for over 9 years, not only do i have Ukrainian , UK , Saudi, and Florida driving licences, i drive in and out of Ukraine, Poland Germany, Spain, Portugal most months .

@martinodesa Thanks for the information. We are visiting Ukraine in spring.


Greetings to all,

I wrote from the U.S.

I have some questions.

I am a U.S. citizen , non Ukrainian, wanting to visit Ukraine. I have a valid U.S..driver license and passport. The objective of my trek is to purchase a vehicle with Ukrainian registration and licence plate and drive it out to Rotterdam,NL. I have been reading online posts and all I find is about people, Ukrainian or not bringing vehicles into Ukraine. I already understand I cannot registered the vehicle on my name because I will not have permanent or temporary legal resident permit.

I only plan to stay in Ukraine for a week.

So, I want to know besides purchasing green card insurance, if I can drive the purchased used vehicle from private seller and drive it with its current plates and registration from seller, and a power of attorney or something that says I didn't steal the car out of Ukraine into Western Europe. Or, there are other ways. Please, reply from your standing point of experience and knowledge in this matter. Thank you.

Sorry for late reply. To purchase a car. (second hand) takes about 1 day. There's as lot of paperwork to be done.( даі) Government Vehicle inspection. normally you need your ID card (residency) Tax code number . The seller also needs the same . This is in normal times so it may have changed. I can only guess you are going to pick up a Vaz or Zaz or a Lada in the hope of making a little after restoration. To be honest not worth all the hassle. Car in Ukraine are 30% more expensive than Europe. A lot of Ukrainians also import cars from the USA. So in short it is possible, you need to buy Ukrainian insurance on the day of purchase and ask for green card cover for 30 days in Europe.


Hello and thank you for your answer. I apologize for my eventual reply. I have been busy reading online articles about the subject.

You seem to be speaking from knowledge, and not experience. Even though, I speculate you have some experience.

I read the same information online. However, very little is said about the red plates, export plates, and about my specific situation.

  I am a tourist and not a resident with a legal temporal permit or permanent permit. As a result, I will not meet residency requirements. Consequently, a question raises. Is the residency required for the export/temporal red plates?

I believe I can obtain a TAX ID code, only that, with my U.S. passport and Ukraine stamp upon entry to Ukraine at border crossing.

I have read and I don't believe residency is required for this TAX ID code.

Online, I read that there is two ways to do this. The first one is using the export temporal red plates and second, using power of attorney in the many different languages from countries I am driving across. The seller must issue this documents to me at my expense for notarization.

I will post the articles I have read here or in another reply for you to review if interested.

Thank you again. … omera.html

@martinodesa … omera.html … znaty.html … 229739bde3


Hi there. As far as i am aware, the red trade plate is only for the motor trade know. As far as i am aware, Yes you can get get a tax code as a foreigner without having residency. As you need to pay tax on the car at vehicle DS reg. at the police station. There is a paper in government that is being talked about , concerning import and export of Cars, Vans and Lorries.


Hello again,

Thank you for your reply. I was just reading at igov DOT org DOT ua.

it says I can get a РНОКПП within 5 days. Then, I can use it to purchase car, pay for taxes, and get the temporary registration or registration for driving abroad on my name I guess..... The use of red plates/temporal export plates seems to have been suspended for now.

So, my guess is that the plates on car will transfer to me.

I believe this is all I need to know, but I am still like to hear some experiences from others. Can you tell me the rate of VAT for an used vehicle in Ukraine? Do you have state VAT or Federal/National VAT?

Hi there

As of 1 January 2024, there are four VAT rates: 20%, 14%, 7%, and 0%. The rate of 20% applies to almost all transactions subject to VAT except specific transactions subject to 14%, 7%, and 0% VAT. I have paid 20% in the past. I have also brought our car To UK and back. Once you change ownership and have your card as owner, one point that i cant seem to find out is ??? On the registration document a Ukrainian address is required to be added to the card. So not shore how you get round this . But all not lost. When you go to the Police unit to change documents there are people there who will walk you through the system normally costs 1500UAH, But trust me they have friends of friends and get you through the system very fast, like 2 hours or it can take the day. I have put some links that will help you as there up to date, Entering Ukraine is as its always been, same rules, just be mind full The medical insurance you must know have, and advisable to cover the war. Car insurance and green card is better bought in the Ukraine, very easy and not expensive. hope this helps. … the-border … obmezennya


Hello, I am back from 3 days in Ukraine. No car, but my credit card is loaded. I got me a TAX number, but I did see what I wanted so I left.


Hello, I crossed the border back and forward. I was not asked for medical insurance, though I had bought it.

Only my passport was needed. I crossed by Flixbus in morning, and 3 days later, I returned to Poland by Flixbus overnight between 12:00AM and 04:00 AM.

I hate the border crossing, I couldn't sleep a minute. Both Poland and Ukraine made us step down and checked out our luggage, but only on the way out of Ukraine. That night there were like 4 buses in line.

Polish guard asked stupid questions like why were you in Ukraine, and what about guns and ammo??? Pretty much calling himself an idiot because who in hell is going to smuggle shit through a checkpoint.....and I am a US citizen and what do you care.

Morning all, we have been back for a few days, none eventful this time, apart from the large Drone attack, which lucky for us was in the other direction. Its a grate shame that the world seems to view this war as not really there issue, Yes they send aid, and equipment, but it seems to me very reluctantly. Its very strange being there during the war. New business are opening up, Chinese car manufacturers are building new car show rooms, McDonalds are opening, yet Russia is intent to Blow it all up. Totally crazy.

Entry in the Ukraine is getting easier as the new computer system  linked to Interpol is up and running.