So I got a 3 year entry ban for overstaying by around 4-8 weeks

Does anyone know a good lawyer that can help? I think there has been a mistake.

What I know:

When I left Borispol last Jan they said I had overstayed by around a month (I can't remember exactly but it was definitely less than 2 months). I was told "not to worry" and it was a small administrative matter which would be solved by means of a fine. She initially said it would be something like 5600UAH but then reduced it to 3200ish when I showed her my marriage certificate to a Ukranian (we've been married for 15 years and have 2 Ukranian children).

She gave me official paperwork and receipt and told me that there should be no problem if I return after 3 months but if there is an issue to give this paper to the border guard.

Fast forward to last Sunday and I tried to cross on foot from Slovakia to Ukraine. This was more than 6 months after I last left the country from Borispol in Jan. At the border they said there was a flag in the system and I couldn't be let in. They had a meeting to discuss it and told me because it was Sunday they couldn't get in touch with the people in Borispol to find out if I had committed any other immigration "crime". (I haven't). Therefore they said and acknowledged it was a "bit harsh" but they had no choice but to give me a 3 year ban.

I have a lot of connections to Ukraine including my long standing wife and children and also a flat in Kyiv.

I'll save you the sob story of being stuck in the mountains in Slovakia with nowhere to go and no taxi numbers to call - just  nothing there.

Anyone have any ideas or know of a trustworthy lawyer in Ukraine that could help ?

Contact me on Telegram ***r Instagram ** and I'll help you.

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Hello Michael,

Indeed that is an issue. I hope members will be able to guide you !

Have you contacted immigration services ?



Thank you. I don't know how to contact "immigration services" ?



If you are married to a Ukraine citizen, why didn't you get a temporary green card that is good for one year? It takes only 2 weeks to get a temporary green card while waiting for a permanent resident card.

You can try this gentleman. He is not exactly a lawyer, but he used to work for the immigration office. Now, he helps people with immigration issues. He is very good.  He helped me getting a permanent green card when it was stuck in the bureacracy almost a year. He doesn't speak English though. You might want to ask your wife to communicate with him. You can mention our names, Gregory (from America) and Iryna Lee. So he knows you are referred by someone.  (country code) ***1. Yuri Anatolyvich

We are returning to Kiev in Oct to stay for a while. Give us a call and let me know how you are doing.


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Thanks Greg. Perhaps you could PM the details? This is still not solved. I've never done anything wrong (other than the 4 week overstay). I just can't understand it.

We've tried calling the official numbers but they rarely pick up and when they do give details of other numbers that don't pick up or emails that don't reply.

Reason not to get a D visa ? The cost is still an eye watering £1600 despite UK now (rightly) offering visas free of charge to Ukranians. Presumably with my big red stamp I couldn't get one anyway.

I'm utterly pro Ukraine in this war but it has really left a sour taste when I've been forced to waste large amounts of money and time due to .......Ukranian border guards. Now things are looking really great for Ukraine in Kharkiv etc it just remind me of Ukraine telling me I'm not welcome (for some unknown reason).

So I've found out a bit more. My wife rang a few official hotline numbers in Ukraine and also from reading the refusal letter we need to appeal which means sending in copies of all the relevant documents (passport, refusal, proof of overstay debt paid etc)

At the same time I found a lawyer who seems to specialise in nothing but this issue. His initial free assessment was that almost certainly the fine I paid in Borispol back in Jan had found its way to the database and thus I was barred. He wanted $500 to take care of all this which for a foreigner is probably very reasonable and for a Ukranian probably very expensive. As far as I know after signing docs that he can act on my behalf he then sends my documents to the same place we will send them so I'm hoping I can bypass that fee. He said it normally takes 2-4 weeks to resolve.

Docs will be physically delivered next week.

Fingers crossed (!)

By the way, this has already cost me at least $2,000. PRebooked hotels for my drive back across europe, flight out, long distance taxis in Slovakia, $400 to family driving my car from Kyiv to the border (and will need to do it again), $200 for ferry crossing back to the UK, then fuel and probably stuff I've forgotten. Oh, the icing on the cake was it caused me to get Covid-19 for the first time....


That is great if you can have someone to clear this for $500.  Just make sure this lawyer has good reputation.  Does he require all $500 up front or partial payment to start and the balance when it is done? I normally stay away from lawyers who require all payment in the beginning before the job is finished. Good luck.


Good advice thanks. I'll use it if I do go down the lawyer route.

To be honest even though it looked good, I was slightly cautious as found it through a web search.

Am I allowed to post a link to his website so others can help by performing basic due diligence ? I am not sure what the rules are here but it clearly would not be advertising as I have nothing to do with him or his organisation.

Hi Michael

Just a quick note for you , Try the local Ukrainian Embassy, it has worked for another guy i have found with a similar problem, . You will need Marriage documents , children's documents and your owner document that proves the property is yours and how you obtained it. Receipt of paid fine. You will need to raise an appeal.

There is a charge. around 150 euros, contact the UK office

hope this helps even if only a little bit

best regards

just another point this is an up to date link. As far as i am aware they are still working, but your wife needs to do the leg work, what ever you do dont try and enter, I think you will get it lifted , but as asked above why didn't you get a TRP or a PRP.. anyway it may help . … y-ban/#How

Thanks Martin

Unfortunately, the Ukr Consulate here is so overwhelmed that it can't service the needs of its own citizens never mind foreigners like me. Understandable I guess as the Ukr population has increased massivly recently for obvious reason.

We've now got an official letter from the Ukr State Immigration Service which we managed to do on email. But to get the 3 year ban removed would be the border police who also understandably have more important things to do but nevertheless we've lodged an appeal. Note that the border police initially refused entry on the basis of a "tick" against my electronic record supposedly added by the State Immigration Service. The 3 year ban simply followed on from that as if you "knowingly" attempt to cross the border you get a 3 year ban and if there was a black tick from immigration they claim I must have known about the (non-existent) ban.

Thankfully I don't need to get back in urgently but it just really pees me off that they could do this esp as I'm looking after 2 Ukranian disabled twins and married to a Ukr for 15+ years. We in the UK are now (rightly) giving free visas to any Ukranian. I wonder if the Ukranians are still charging us £1600 on the principle of reciprocity? I'll check again.... and then I'll stop moaning....   8-)

Finally the grandmother is getting out and staying with us in the UK, so we'll have childcare. That means my wife and I plan to go to the same border crossing (I'll wait on the EU side), show them the State Immigration Service letter and let off some steam.....She'll probably take my passport in case they feel like stamping "removed" or some such. This is planned in a couple of weeks so will update when I get back.

just another point this is an up to date link. As far as i am aware they are still working, but your wife needs to do the leg work, what ever you do dont try and enter, I think you will get it lifted , but as asked above why didn't you get a TRP or a PRP.. anyway it may help . … y-ban/#How

DIdn't get the TRP as life events meant the family moving back to the UK just around the time I was going to apply !

Finally, the link you provided was to a lawyer I was looking at and started talking to. Might still use him but my wife thinks he wants $500 to send our docs to the appropriate places which she's already done.

To us seems like a reasonable amount of money for getting a ban lifted and it probably is. Ukranians see it as a huge amount of money for a tiny amount of work.

yes i think it is $500 usd. As to the visa D cost think its still £1600.

I am checking for you may take a day or so


Hi Michael

Sorry to say its still 1568 for Visa D site has been updated but its  loading a little unusual I did call a friend in Edinborough who called the consulate there, she was told if you write to London and explain why you over stayed you may get your ban lifted as relations with both governments is very high, you need to state about the twins etc etc. They may ask you why you never got PRP

that can be down to work, as to apply for PRP you need to stay in Ukraine for 1 year without leaving.

anyway good luck

I'm amazed she got through that quick. Given me a thought though. Perhaps we should call the Edinburugh consulate..... Thanks a lot for asking.

Anyway, we're going to Slovakia in a week's time so wife will ask them at the border crossing when she goes through (I'll be waiting on the EU side).

Overstays are taken seriously by border control but apparently not by Mr. Michael.

Why after 15+ years of marriage don't you have a stamp in your PP for staying in Ukraine?

I was married only like 3+ years and have the stamp...was not difficult process just took time waiting.

You seem to think your wife and kids give you some kind of magical priviledge to flaunt the law.

Next time perhaps cross the border before your permit runs out?

Just a thought.

You have been married to a Ukrainian for 15+ years so surely you know how ukies can

As a side note: I overstayed by 1 day where I am now and that has cost me quite a lot of time and money traipsing around to another country, getting help from locals, etc. etc. and it was all due to being in hospital and relying on someone to file documents for me. They missed by 1 i understand the frustration very well.

Hello All

It's "Mr Michael" here..... Before I relay my news, perhaps someone can tell me what an "ukie" is ? It doesn't sound very respectful whatever it is.

So my ban got annulled yesterday and I'm free to enter Ukraine as before.

Turns out it had nothing whatsoever to do with immigration issues but was due to an unpaid 130 UAH speeding fine a year prior. Lesson: Always pay your fines ASAP and rely on nobody to pay them for you - especially your wife !